Taking the high road

It’s quite obvious that people on the Plus are still reeling from the aftershocks of last week’s Walking Dead brouhaha. Almost every other post or HOA was dominated by the impact of the article. Social Media Hangout #6 It's the End of Google+ As We Know It.... Or Not (http://goo.gl/w9hfzd) had +Stephan Hovnanian, +Andrij Harasewych, +matthew rappaport, +Mark Traphagen, +Kristoffer Howes, +Eric Enge, +Dustin W. Stout and +Ben Fisher giving their thoughts. There were some particularly insightful comments from Matthew looking at the TC article from the other side.

Later in the week +Wade Harman, +Mike Allton, +Les Dossey, +Kirstin Hancock, +Jeff Sieh and +Eli Fennell talked about the plethora of lively ghosts here in You Can't Kill Relationships TechCrunch (http://goo.gl/xpE4AO). Mike explained some of the more direct impacts of the article with many more of his clients asking if they should bother with Google+ after they heard about the article. Poor journalism aside it’s clear the panel and the audience are very passionate about the platform.

Google patent expert +Bill Slawski explains how Google+ is bigger than one person alone and is so deeply embedded across Google that it isn’t going to disappear any time soon. Google+ Did Not Spring Fully Formed from Vic Gundotra's Head! (http://goo.gl/xXMVep) and Gundotra Not the Architect of Google+ (http://goo.gl/HRi0ka). You’ve got to admire the breadth of interests and skills of the people here. Thanks Bill for the solid research.

+Bruce Marko takes an optimistic view in All the time in the world…
(http://goo.gl/nl4gvJ) and brings in a quote from Dr Who to bring the point home (Who could argue with a Time Lord?). I drank the #MarkoKoolAid many moons ago and relish the posts he puts out there. Start dreaming the improbable dreams

Perhaps my favourite post on the subject, because it states the relative insignificance of the TC Article, is Fly In The Ointment from +Owen Ellis (http://goo.gl/lDKX1P). Drawing on the thoughts of +Alexandra Riecke-Gonzales (from which I also borrowed the title of this post) Owen advises that it is time to divert our energies away from the TechCrunch fly and start to focus on the things that brought us to, and keep us hooked on, this platform. I have to say I’m in total agreement with Owen, enough is enough and after this post is made I’ll be giving the matter no more attention.

Back to the Usual Business

I really enjoy the Digital Marketing Excellence Show particularly so when +Stone Temple Consulting manages to persuade Google employees to make an appearance. The Inside Story on +Post ads (http://goo.gl/bQietB) sees +Christian Ashlock join +Eric Enge and +Mark Traphagen to give some insight into +Post Ads. If you’re thinking about adding +Post Ads to your marketing efforts then you really should take the time to review this HOA. Lots of good information with regards to what currently is most engaging, how to effectively measure campaigns through Google Analytics and much more besides. As ever go through the comments for some great viewer input and some great fielding by the panel.

He’s Jeff Sieh - and we’re not!

The inaugural episode of the The Manly Show is not to be missed, if only to see +Mia Voss with a full beard! In The Manly Show - The Rebranding Episode (http://goo.gl/1iRLf2) +Jeff Sieh, +Stephan Hovnanian, +Mike Allton, +Wade Harman and +Mia Voss share some thoughts on rebranding. How to? When? Getting it right. Being yourself. Drawing on first hand experiences this will be invaluable if you are looking at reworking of your brand. You can’t beat this kind of useful information delivered in an entertaining fashion. To borrow Jeff’s closer, The Manly Show where the panel is wise, the guests are good-looking and hopefully your host is above average. True words Jeff. Join the #ManlyFanlys now

A dollar a day

+Jason T. Wiser gives us another incredibly useful TimeStamp version of his #OnTrackTips HOA Use Facebook Ads to increase Google+ Traffic (http://goo.gl/lB8me0). The incredibly successful +Alex Houg shows how you can increase your exposure for a dollar a day spend using FaceBook. This will be very worthwhile for those who are here for business. The eggs in one basket scenario is one to avoid. Hell I might even give FaceBook a try!

Thinkers corner

Another from +Owen Ellis (the man is on fire!). This time an exploration of framing and discernment in iCommunity, iSelf, or iCult? (http://goo.gl/ZLRRlJ). Drawing on +David Amerland’s Sunday Read: Context and Trust (http://goo.gl/Jo53OZ) (And yes the Sunday Read is a must as well) Owen explores being receptive to opposing ideas and values, recognising the potential for self-growth by not dismissing them out of hand. It’s only by broadening your horizons that you can appreciate the motives and aspirations of others and by doing so become something more in the process.

And finally…

+Dustin W. Stout’s spoof alert BREAKING: News Site TechCrunch Enters Tabloid Business  (http://goo.gl/Tq9U5j). Aside from the amazing graphic to illustrate the alert Dustin has included a comprehensive list of the posts surrounding the issue. Keep calm and Plus On

Have a great weekend wherever you are

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