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Darren Miller
Comedian, Writer, Actor, Fun Person
Comedian, Writer, Actor, Fun Person

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Good stuff here

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Here's a movie trailer I made with +Official Comedy! HAPPY PUMPKIN SPICE SEASON! 

#comedy   #video   #lol   #sketch   #movies   #trailer   #pumpkin   #pumpkinspice   #fall   #autumn  

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The Literary Project

My friend +Zach Gibson is doing a really cool project that encourages you to create a video of yourself reading a favorite passage from a book aloud and send it in so he can make a big video. Consider participating!

#books   #literature   #video  

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I directed this one! It's silly! Hooray!

#lol #video #funny #commercial #humor #poop #roommates #comedy 
We made another 30 second commercial for roommates!

If you currently have an adequate amount of toilet paper, perhaps a roommate is right for you. Consult your friends for more information.

Directed by +Darren Miller 
Shot by +Kirk Larsen 
Starring +Kevin Mead 

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I'm in this one!
Here's another 30 second commercial we made! For roommates!

Do you like watching movies? Do you like eating Pzza? Great! So do roommates! If you currently enjoy your privacy and eating meals that you earned the money to pay for, perhaps a roommate is right for you! Consult your friends or Craigslist for more information.

Directed by +Kevin Mead 
Shot by +Kirk Larsen 
Starring +Darren Miller and Taylor Moore

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Here's the first of a few old videos we made and are just now releasing!
Here's a 30 second commercial we made! For sunglasses!
Directed by +Kirk Larsen
Starring Ryan Williams

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This is my cat on Pete Campbell's head.

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The most heartbreaking part of this article was when I read the description of this startup and thought "Oh man thats so awesome, ive never heard of this! Im so happy this exists! I gotta find a way to get involved! Oh. Wait."

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I haven't posted here in a while!

Here are some updates for anyone in the New York area who is interested in seeing me do some live comedy. If you are not interested, then here is some shit you can read that will waste your GODDAMN TIME.

“The War of the Currents” between Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla becomes the backdrop to Brian and Dave’s unraveling friendship during their final presentation of high school.

This is a short play I co-wrote with +Kevin Mead. It got into the Samuel French Off Off Broadway Short Play Festival! We'll be performing it as part of the festival THIS SATURDAY! It's directed by +Michael Antonucci and Kevin and I act in it alongside +emily axford, Shannon O'Neill, +Laura Willcox, and +Jonathan Lotan! Tickets:

Lonely People
Let's die alone... TOGETHER! Join sketch group Mike Duffy (Travis Helwig, Kevin Mead, Darren Miller) as they explore the hilarious world of loneliness, despair, and perceived isolation. Filled with sketch comedy, storytelling, and live music, Lonely People will surely make you laugh til you cry... or just cry til you cry. We're all sad. We're all decaying. We're all gonna have a great time!

This my comedy group's (+Mike Duffy) sketch show (me, +Kevin Mead and +Travis Helwig) currently running at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. It's directed by +emily axford, with video by +Kirk Larsen and music by Tristan Schaffer-Goldman. Next show is November 14th! TIckets:

I am feeling extremely lucky to be working with awesome and talented people who will make you laugh a lot if you would like to come and do that a lot while sitting in a chair and looking at a stage.


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You might recognize +Dominic Dierkes from Derrick Comedy (Him, DC Pierson, and Donald Glover). They started making videos on YouTube around the time I started college, and they were one of the biggest inspirations I had in deciding to pursue comedy. Through college festivals I also got to meet, perform on the same stage, and hang out with these guys, and they're all just awesome people in addition to being insanely talented. Of course Donald Glover is now on a network TV show and has an album out, so he's doing okay (I GUESS). Anyway, this video is Dominic Dierkes catching the break he earned years ago, and has continued to deserve since then.
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