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Sophia Grace
I am a wife, home-maker, and mother, striving to point my family to Christ day-by-day.
I am a wife, home-maker, and mother, striving to point my family to Christ day-by-day.

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Tonight is the next episode of The Hidden Knife! Last time the company found a Dark Eye and had unexpected visions. Will they continue on the course they have set? Or turn back to rescue those they love? Tune in on Twitch at 8PM Central to find out!

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Robert Jeffrey Rohlin entered the world to the tune of Jesus Loves Me and the reading of Psalms. He is among the 4% of babies punctual enough to be born on their estimated due dates. He is a hale and hearty 9.5 lbs, 22 in long, and a champion nurser. Tirza tells me he is the prettiest and best baby we've ever had. Elizabeth hasn't said much, but she did share some of her favorite toys with him. Both Grandfathers approve heartily of their namesake. ;)

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Joining my hubby, +Richard Rohlin in brightening up my G+ stream with different sort of chatter!

**What's one of the best characters you've ever played in a TT (or Play-by-post, if that's how you roll) RPG? What made them so special?**

I'll answer for both because I play both. :)

I think my favorite TT gaming character so far is an Aryanian dancer named Delilah Neradsuni (Dark Eye). She's secretly an aspiring romance novelist, but at the ripe old age of 17 she has been turned down by so many publishers that she's ready to try something extreme. She needs more experience, and more character inspiration. So, she sets off on adventures with the goal of obtaining both. I tend to play serious characters that are good at smashing heads, but Delilah is completely different. She nails social encounters, but when the fighting starts she literally disappears in some dark corner till it's safe to come out again. She makes up imaginative (and entirely fictional) background stories about her companions, and generally takes credit herself for the fact that everyone is together. Usually it takes me awhile (months) to really get into a TT character's head, but Delilah "clicked" for me in the first session.

For PBP my favorite character is 17 year old Kylie Carter AKA Willow, a phytokenetic (plant controlling super hero). She was originally a writing assignment from hubby a few years ago, and I've probably done as much writing for her off screen as on. She's looking for her mother, who was kidnapped by Nazis. Unknown to her as yet, her mother wasn't just kidnapped, she was reprogrammed to be one of the head-Nazi's Four Horsemen, soge-hook wielding and highly effective War. I love the contrasts and samenesses between her and her mother (pre and post reprogramming), and the jarring feeling of displacement between what Kylie has been trained to do and what she's actually doing as she works to foil the evil plots and save her mother. I don't always do Kylie justice, but she's the first character I've created that feels human enough to be an actual person I could meet walking down the street. Her mother, Ruth Carter, is getting there, too. Someday I want to take all the fragments and stitch it together into an actual story about their adventures. Someday. But we need a few more dice rolls, first. :)

Tagging some of my gaming buddies!
+Benjamin Feehan +Amanda Rhoades +John-Matthew DeFoggi +Paul Roth +Hope Victoria +Grace Rohlin +Jessica Feehan


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Blessings abound
We've had a lot of pans on the fire the last couple months, some of which will be the subject of future posts. But perhaps the biggest news for the moment--we are expecting! Another baby is due next spring--three now with us, one with Jesus. Our arms and ou...

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My oldest daughter has concluded that we are all sick except for her. She has spent the morning in her little kitchen making things for her mommy and little sister. She tells me to eat everything she makes because "healthy soup and toast will make you feel better."

I bet if I remind her that sick people need lots of rest I could get a nap out of this...

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Gardening exploits
It happens every spring. The weather gets pretty, the plants start growing, I start seeing the occasional flower, and I get the bug to grow things. Every time. I'm not a particularly skilled gardener (yet). I'm not sure what color my thumb is (probably not ...

I switched to Aldi's this month for groceries to see how it effected my grocery budget. I did as much shopping at Aldi's as I could, with the only planned exception being my raw milk/farm eggs/meat. There were a few last minute store runs to closer stores for a couple items, and one biggish walmart trip for things Aldi's didn't have. (in other words, I didn't make my 90% goal, but still mostly Aldis).

Results? While eating mostly the same diet that we usually do, I spent 25% LESS than usual (as compared to the last 6 months).

Color me impressed. Pretty sure I've been won over. 

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My favorite sprouted bread recipe
I make this sprouted bread recipe several times a week, and we all enjoy it. The bread comes out with a good crumb, and makes excellent sandwiches. I haven't had to experiment with the recipe at all, which is a major bonus for a mom of toddlers! • 4 tablesp...

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Chicken update
Well, the last four months have been full of LOTS of learning about chickens. I guess I knew adding a totally new animal to our mini-farm would be challenging, but the biggest challenges we faced were totally not on my radar. Challenge #1: Dog#1, AKA Heinz....
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