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Alyssa interview p2 - Scared? She asked to go.
One of the challenges of later claiming to have been abused during a certain period of time is that the claims won't match what actually happened back then. Although Alyssa now claims to have been a scared, abused little girl, back then she went out of her ...

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Motive to make the whole thing up
Both Kathie and Alyssa had a motive to lie. Alyssa was in enough trouble that she was on "total lock down" as described by her mom. Teenagers don't like that. Being stuck in her room all summer while her friends are off at the mall would be A hard pill to s...

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Mom caught in a lie
On the stand, under oath, Kathie recounted the story about how Alyssa's grades went from B's to C's to almost all F's once Jeff was released from prison. She was asked by the DA if she believed it was because of what Jeff had done to her? Her answer was, "Y...

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Alyssa interview p7 - More lies
Alyssa also claims to have told her best friend, Olivia, and her ex-boyfriend, John, about being molested prior to her telling her mom. If true, it would eliminate the suspicious timing of that revelation. Diaz asks: O - When did you tell John? A - Umm, may...

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Alyssa interview p5 - Maybe... I don't really remember
O - How many times would you say when he touched your vagina where you said he opened? A - Like two. (They went on to discuss how old she was when it all happened. Her answers change, but how could she be expected to know that? What I would expect her to kn...

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Alyssa interview p3 - Other kids deny anything happened
When asked if the other kids say Jeff touched them, she said: A- But, my, we, I asked my aunt and cousin (Destiny and Ashley) if they remember him doing anything to them and they said ' No '. They just remember tickle time. O - They remembered the tickle ti...

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Why help a child molester?
"Why help a child molester?" is a question that gets asked every so often. The altruistic answer is that everyone deserves a fair trial. While I do believe that, my answer is that I don't believe he is a child molester. There is nothing to support the alleg...

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$20. That is all that's needed. Jeff Duffett was wrongly convicted in Riverside County. My blog details how. It is strictly a matter of law. No other evidence is needed to obtain a new trial for him. All he needs is an attorney to help him with his federal habeas petition. David Reagan has agreed to help for a very reduced rate. I have set up a crowd funding page to try and raise the money. and if everyone chipped in $20, we would be there in no time.


A California firefighter, Jeff Duffett, who went to New York after the attack on 9/11, now needs help of his own.

He was wrongfully convicted of a crime and is now in prison for life.

You can help!

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Does possession of child porn show a propensity to molest children?
I ran across a website for prisoners and their families. It is prison and on one of their forums the presented an idea that I had not thought of. Does possession of child pornography, even if it was for a sexual purpose, actually show a propensity ...
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