I realized that I am doing things and they may interest someone somehow.
Going to bleeding $$$ over the next few months due to actually doing some travel. Might have to buy fewer bottles of liquor and just do stuff with the ones I've got.

May: Trip to DC - well, Arlington - for Lucard's very delayed wedding reception. Going to attempt to do this one car-free; shouldn't be too bad with how DC/VA public transit is looking. Looking forward to seeing how food and drink there measures up to what I'm used to here; last time I was in that part of the country was over 18 years ago. Should definitely be much more fun that it was with a school group.

July: 5th through 9th going to Vegas for Evo(http://evo.shoryuken.com/). Signed up for SF4, KOF13, MvC3. Running a training rotation - play an hour a day, two days in a row for each game - so I might take some matches instead of going 0-2 three times in a row. If I had that kind of discipline for something useful I could be a pretty good guitarist or build some decent muscles. Definite AWWWW YEAH GROUP RATES ROCK on this one; got a room at Caesar's(where it is being held) for $159/night when Expedia was quoting $252/night average. Even if I do wash out super early, it's still a trip to Vegas. Will need to take care of some west coast only things, such as trying In-n-Out Burger.
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