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Tanks Rage
MMO PvP Tank War Game
MMO PvP Tank War Game

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Do you like hard games? Grab one now! :) #android   #games   #happyjumpy  
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Clan battle - LTU vs SCP. Do you have better video of the battle?
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What is your favorite map?

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Player's video. Can you find yourself in this video?
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Started our battle servers on two ports simultaneously, hopefully it will solve connection problems for those players who was not able to connect.
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Explosions became dangerous!

Tank will be damaged if it stands near the exploding one.

The shorter distance to the explosion is, the more damage is made.

The bigger* tank explodes - the more damage it will make to the surrounding tanks.

* tank size is determined by its HP in the beginning of the round.
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We have made some tweaking on the "red circle" in clan-battle arenas.

The changes are:

1) Attackers will need more time to control the circle to win the battle (150 seconds instead of 100),

2) Each additional tank in the circle will speed-up progress bar only by 50%, so you will need 3 tanks in the circle to take victory 2 times faster.
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New bigger world with even more territories to conquer!

What's new

1) Number of territories was increased to 50 + 5 entry points ("ships").

2) New map entry points - "ships" appeared on the map. Battles for the "ship" will start 20 minutes after declaring attack. After that next attack can be declared.

3) Every territory will generate 2 gems for the clan who owns it. "Ships" do not generate any gems, as they are not usual territories.
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Players was asking to publish our update announcements on Facebook, so we are launching our Facebook page today. From now all our announcements you will find on G+ and Facebook.
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New update!
Whats new:
1. Clan wars:
a. New maps,
b. Defenders must defend "red zone" from attackers. Attackers to succeed must take the zone or kill all defenders.
2. Smoke will rise on shooting and when bullet falls down/reaches target.
3. Tanks will collide each other, one won't drive through the other tanks.
4. Changed tank repair pricing, more expensive repairing for higher level parts and less expensive for low levels.
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