In case you missed it

Most of you know that I publish shows on Hacker Public Radio (+hpr) from time to time. If you do not subscribe to Hacker Public Radio you might have missed these episodes. Fortunately, the +All In IT Radio account posts every time a new Hacker Public Radio show is released.

Some of you do not follow +All In IT Radio  That is wrong. Make sure you follow to get all the great shows I am involved in by subscribing to the AIITR account.

But anyway, here is a set of links to the latest three shows I did.

hpr1119 :: Spread the Word

hpr1126 :: The DrupalCamp of Adam Evertsson

hpr1178 :: Interviews with Laura Creighton and Armin Rigo

Three wonderful interviews, two from FSCONS and one from DrupalCamp by +Drupal GBG. Are you the least interested in +Python, PyPy, Richard Stallman, conference organizing, the CMS Drupal and/or +Creative Commons, these are definitely worth your time. Spread the Word is a short one, which I recorded on a road trip. Not the best audio quality, but a fun little reflection.

And please, if you have any feedback on any of my shows, let me know. Either here, on Twitter to @alltinomit, or to
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