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No one should accept a Washington State DUI conviction without a fight. And no one should have to go through the stress and anxiety of a DUI prosecution alone. At Callahan Law, we strive to help those accused of DUI access the knowledge and tools they need to exercise their legal rights and protect themselves from harsh mandatory penalties. As the author of the Washington DUI Practice Manual, the trusted guidebook for attorneys and judges around the state, Linda Callahan examines Washington State DUI laws, cutting edge defenses, and the science underlying DUI evidence every year. Her knowledge, experience, and notoriety in the field make her a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom, a valuable asset to other defense attorneys, and a frequent speaker at legal training seminars. Ms. Callahan’s breadth of knowledge allows us to dig deep for winning strategies lurking beneath the surface of these “cut and dry” cases. At Callahan Law, we don’t believe in giving up. When the Washington Legislature tried to take away the power of judges to declare breath test results inadmissible at trial, Callahan Law took the issue to the Washington State Supreme Court in search of victory. Thanks to Ms. Callahan’s dedication and fierce advocacy, courts around Washington throw out unreliable breath test evidence every day. Ms. Callahan’s experience as a former Session Attorney to the Senate Caucus in the State Legislature and as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney prior to establishing Callahan Law gives her an inside perspective on the court system from the point of view of lawmakers and prosecutors. Ms. Callahan also inspects each and every case through the lens of an investigator, having completed the same training in field sobriety testing and breath testing as police officers. We conduct a rigorous investigation into each case with an eye toward a reduction of charge, dismissal, or a not guilty verdict. We know that each of our clients’ stories is deep and complex, and a cut-and-paste police report doesn’t do it justice. We believe that one mistake should not define you. You deserve to have your life back to normal again, and we are driven to help you get it.

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407 N. Sixth St. Shelton, WA 98584
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