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Well this is depressing:

"In fact, if you have two or three books, traditionally published, that each sold, say, 5,000 to 8,000 copies, it will be so difficult to overcome that you’d be better off if you were a brand-new, never published author."

There's a reviewer on Amazon that's really annoying me - it's obviously the same person but he leaves multiple reviews under different names e.g. toby from colorado and invariably leaves five stars then lists a load of other titles . grr. annoys me that bona fide reviews get deleted when this dick gets away with crap

Ok - i've downloaded the Google+ client - because I simply don't have time to keep going to the website and I need something immediate and in real time like Tweetdeck, so we'll see how useful G+ is. Not sure it's going to be that different, but I'll give it a go. People have said it's better than FB because it has easier groups, but i don't worry about friends-family-writing. Anyway-onwards!
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