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Despite being shared around pro-EU activist groups, a survey on the Shropshire Star website has found that support for leaving the EU has increased since the referendum.

Shropshire - and Telford & Wrekin in particular - was one of the most eurosceptic parts of the country according to last year's referendum with a large majority voting to leave the EU.

The survey also found that nearly three quarters of people are unhappy with the lack of progress following the historic vote and that 77% of respondents believe that their MP should vote in line with the wishes of their constituents. Mark Pritchard and Philip Dunne both exposed themselves as fake eurosceptics during the referendum campaign by campaigning to stay in the EU after spending years pretending to oppose our membership to win over voters.

Jill Seymour MEP said:

_It’s no surprise that nearly two thirds of Shropshire Star readers in this survey are unhappy with the handling on the Brexit process – more than six months after the result, we are still no nearer to triggering Article 50 and beginning the formal process of leaving the EU.

Shropshire Star readers have also given a loud and clear message to all MPs, that when Brexit is debated in the House of Commons, they have a duty to support the views of their constituents – or be prepared to resign and stand as an independent._

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By the end of this year, everyone eligible to vote must register individually on the electoral register.

The changes are one of the measures put in place to try and get electoral fraud under control by doing away with the Victorian system of the "man of the house" declaring who in the house is eligible to vote and requiring every eligible voter to return their own declaration.

If you were on the electoral register for this year's elections you should still be on it now. If the council knows you aren't on the electoral register and should be you should have received a letter from the council telling you what you need to do to get back on it. If you have never been on the electoral register, have recently moved or think you may have dropped off the register you can register here.

Remember, if you don't register you can't vote and if you can't vote you can't change anything at the ballot box.

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David Wright and Mark Pritchard both like to big up their credentials when it comes to the armed forces. Whether it's riding a tank up the Wrekin to get their picture in the paper or writing strongly worded letters to the Ministry of Defence, they tell us that they are the saviours of the military bases in and around Telford that provide employment for thousands.
But both MPs represent parties that have failed to respect the military covenant and neglected the people who put their lives on the line for the defence of our country to the extent that an estimated 1 in 10 homeless people are ex-armed forces.

Only UKIP can be trusted to look after the men and women whose job it is to defend our country. At yesterday's unveiling of UKIP's defence policy, it was announced that defence spending would be increased to 2% of GDP, a dedicated administration would be created for veterans answerable to a Veterans Minister in the Cabinet, a national service medal would be created for all serving armed forces personnel and money would be invested in hostels and services to combat homelessness, mental health issues and poverty amongst veterans.

Labour, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems want to cut our defence capability to the bone and they are all committed to a joint EU armed forces. The Green Party want to abolish the armed forced and turn military bases into nature reserves. Only UKIP will commit to defence of our nation, meet our NATO and UN obligations, respect the military covenant and look after the people who have served to defend our country.

Don't make our heroes beg for more.

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Virgin's first direct train from Shropshire to London rolled out of Shrewsbury station on Monday, marking a return of the first direct rail route from Shropshire to the capital since Wrexham & Shropshire folded in 2011.

A direct train to London should be something to be pleased about but the timetable and the price means that it's doomed to failure, no matter how much of an expert Richard Branson is at turning lead into gold. The train leaves Telford at 7am, arriving in London at 9:15am, missing at least the first hour and a half of the working day and returns at 6:23pm to arrive back in Telford at 8:58pm, long after the working day has finished. The timings aren't good for business and with the cheapest return ticket costing £195 that's pretty much their target market.

When you consider that the car park at Stafford station costs £8 per day and the direct train to London costs as little as £25 return, it's hard to see how this twice a day off-peak route is going to be viable. The low capacity, non-electrified line that runs through the county desperately needs upgrading to allow more and faster trains, including a regular direct train to London but there is very little money for upgrading the existing rail infrastructure because it's being spent on the UK arm of the European Integrated Network (or HS2 as the British government are calling it).

UKIP policy is to abandon the HS2 white elephant and invest the money saved into the existing railway infrastructure which has been neglected for far too long. Electrifying the line through the county would deliver real benefit to Telford and Shropshire, allowing faster trains and increasing capacity. For a tiny fraction of the money being wasted on HS2, a new line could be built north east of Telford to connect the town with Stafford and open up routes to the north of England. London is an important city but there is a whole country north of the M25 that politicians seem to forget about.

We wish Virgin the best of luck with their new venture and hope they can make the Wrekin Giant a success but until some major investment is put into the rail network in the county it's only going to disappoint.

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A big well done to both our candidates, Richard and Warwick, who contested both these wards for the first time for UKIP. Labour and the Conservatives threw the kitchen sink at Ironbridge with the Labour MP and borough councillors knocking doors and the Conservatives telephone canvassing. The independent winning in Newport came as a surprise to everyone - Peter Scott included - but it's a similar outcome to Shifnal last year and perhaps an indicator that the independent towns on the fringes of Telford are looking for independent candidates.

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It's a double election this week in Telford & Wrekin. If you're in Newport West or Ironbridge wards you can vote for Warwick McKenzie or Richard Soame to be your borough councillor.

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Newport pub manager, Warwick McKenzie, is UKIP’s candidate for Newport West.

Warwick has a background in engineering and worked for many years for Tarmac Roadstone and later at Perkins Engines in Shrewsbury. After redundancy from Perkins he spent time working in Spain, Portugal and Norway.

Warwick and his wife decided for family reasons to work in Shropshire and now together they run the Swan on Lower Bar with the help of their two grown-up children and 3 staff.

Warwick and family were amazed at how friendly and welcoming Newport is and they say that there hasn’t been a day when they have been made to feel like outsiders in Newport.

Warwick has this to say:

I’ve heard the statistic that only about 20% of money raised in Newport is spent in Newport. Clearly this isn’t right. Taxes we pay in Newport should be spent on Newport. Working people here are resigned to the appearance that some councillors actually put their own agenda before the interests of Newport – but I want to change that. I want Newport to be a better place to live and work in with more local decision making, especially where planning is concerned.
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