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Mason Shelby
graphic designer with a passion for functional and interactive media
graphic designer with a passion for functional and interactive media


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I started a new record label, here's our first artist, OBAA: #azonto #house #dc #newmusic

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George Washington's Mount Vernon is pleased to introduce our newest foreign language offering! #klingon

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The national Gavin Riley Smoke Machine / Height Keech tour is coming to DC, joined by The Electric Grandmother and Catscan! How do you like that?

Friday, January 29th @ Electric Maid - 7pm SHARP

Height Keech (Baltimore Hip Hop)
Gavin Riley Smoke Machine (Philly Hip Hop / Multimedia)
The Electric Grandmother (DC Sitcom Core)
Catscan! (DC Electronic Rock)

even more info:
DAN "HEIGHT" KEECH is supporting his new EP, "Unending Blaze Volume 1", and its special blend of confidently sparse vocals and chest-beating production that continue the return-to-form his latest LP, "Talk Singer", signaled following a trilogy of records exploring hip hop's early years.

Philly favorite GAVIN RILEY SMOKE MACHINE will be showcasing his choose-yr-own adventure concept album, "Space Needle Mystery" with beautiful animations by John Karel (and now playable online!!). If you haven't seen this show yet, you are missing something truly, truly special. Come help solve the mystery by shouting at Gavin what decision you want to make at each turn!

CATSCAN! performs, primarily, as a two-piece rock unit accompanied by a pre-recorded electronic rhythm section-- we have no drummer so our set up / break down is quick. Our music is eclectic but very much rooted in the best bands from the new wave movement (Talking Heads, DEVO, They Might Be Giants) so we don't sound too unfamiliar.

THE ELECTRIC GRANDMOTHER is a electro-pop/multi-media extravaganza. They are the founders of a genre called sitcom-core which could be described as an amalgamation of Ramones-era punk rock, bedroom synth-pop, and 80s hip hop. The performance includes projected visuals that which perfectly compliment songs about the best and worst of television in the 80s and 90s.

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+Catscan!  and +Electric Grandmother hit the road hard last month. Here's a documentary I put together about it.
2015 is the year we broke sitcom core with The Electric Grandmother. Relive with us all those long hours of the road and brief magical moments on stage with this scrappy documentary movie we slapped together! 

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NEW SONGO: Victim of Circumstance! You know that I would never do anything malicious. #3stooges  

Commissioned by David Shelby and mastered by Peter Bonaventure.

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New +Catscan!  tune! It's a cover, originally by The Pinheads.
This is heavy, Doc: celebrating the actualization of Back to the Future Part II. #babystoy  

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HEADS UP: We are giving away tickets, t-shirts, and booze!!
Like or share this post and win a sweet package of alcohol and swag for you and a friend, family member, or lover to rock with us on October 17th. #rt   #contest   #freebeer   #tshirts  

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Added photos to Catscan! at H Street Festival.

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We put we in a VOODOO DOLLHOUSE! Here's the new music video from +Catscan! 
The video features director Eric Randall and dollhouse realtor Julie Randall.

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