Hi! I have one small problem that prevents me from using the sleep mode. When I wake up the tablet, battery indicator disappears completely from the system. It can appear again after plugging in the AC adapter or when battery charge hits 10%. Is it a regular problem for the 4.4 kernel or I missed something? Maybe there are some options in .config?

For me it's the only annoying problem with the sleep mode. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and touchscreen are working great after wake up.

My configuration:
1) Asus T100TAM
2) Linux 4.4.13 (patches from GDrive and Kirill Belyaev's config)
3) Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit (Unity)
4) t100ta_suspend script reloads the "battery" kernel module

P.S. If anyone is interested, I started to collect my whole experience about using the 4.4 kernel (for more than a month) here: https://local.thedrhax.pw/jenkins/job/t100ta_kernel_v4.4/
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