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Just flesh, blood and bones
Just flesh, blood and bones

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new career?
Welcome to Hypnotherapy Business Academy.  I hope you enjoy the page and the content.  Please feel free to interact with us and to ask questions about starting and running a viable hypnotherapy business.


Post has attachment Calling all #geo  nerds. #maps   #geography   #geographyeducation   #mapping   #games  

Let me know what you think if you play. It's an early version, and it might not work great on every device, hence the call for testers and different devices. 

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A very interesting snippet here via +Andrew Dumont .

Facebook A/B tested the tiny 'loading' animation graphic. They apparently found that on the left image below, people tended to blame Facebook for slow loading. Using the right-hand graphic, they blamed iOS.

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Love it. TV Ads being useful for once :0)

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