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Stupid ball!
How I Feel When I Try to Use a Yoga Ball

Every. Single. Time.

I am going to do some exercising today, a little bit of reading and updating a few articles. This is one I will be updating quite a bit as it relates to getting more views and followers on Google+ for businesses. With a business or local page needing 1000 followers to run Google +Post Ads it is now true that more business pages want engagement and growth:

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Check this out. 
Lucky pedestrians.......Cars accident
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Careful, #Revzilla tacks on shipping charges when they price match

Whats the story with #motox and #windyday ? It played once and the red hat is gone. Powered down, re installed and the widget loses the hat when I try to move it to my home screen. Now I look like a knucklehead when I try to show someone the video and I can't find it.

#TheCounselor was a movie with no point and nonsensical killings. All that work and setup to kill the guy on the motorcycle? They could of just shot him. And having Hank the DEA agent from #Breakingbad as a drug buyer, too soon. 
I hate to say this but #Camerondiaz lost me when she said the word, "Temperature". I guess I set myself up with a such a good cast and #Ridleyscott directing. The movie just seemed sit there and go through the motions. I just expected more.

You see a lot of movies claiming "Based on a true story" or "Inspired by actual events". The movie #ARGO with Ben #Affleck was about the Iranian hostage crisis. A lot of made up drama there.
I saw the movie #Parkland today. Parkland is the hospital where both Kennedy and Oswald died. Here is a historic movie that tells it like it is. No embellishment needed, it is powerful as truth can be. The Doctor's who couldn't grasp what was happening at first, trying their best to save a man and a hope that they knew was now dead. 

Parkland follows a few people right after the assassination. Like Abraham Zapruder who shot the infamous footage and the impact it had on him. The fight between the local Texas medical examiner and the Secret Service on who possesses the body. Then there is Jackie who literally hangs on and wants to put the pieces back together again.

I was 5 years old when it happened and I can't forget where I was., watching  morning cartoon shows when Walter Cronkite came on. I visited Dealey Plaza with a feeling of Déjà vu and remorse. Parkland in a way finishes a chapter that I knew happened, just not how.

Cell phone is toast! Waiting for #MotoX next week. Until then no calls or texts.

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