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Damaris Muga
I am damaris. If you know me, that is more than enough. If you do not, go through my blogpost
I am damaris. If you know me, that is more than enough. If you do not, go through my blogpost

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The new Boss
How hard is it to introduce one self?!! Very hard. Hahaha. Because unlike most people,I sometimes pull a "push" door and struggle with it. Just the other day,let me not lie, few times, I've walked to the driver's door wanting to sit on the passenger's seat ...

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All good things must come to an End.
Fam, this has been quite a journey. (reason for old photo) I have had so so much fun doing this, writing this blog. I have grown and so have you, at least I would so very hope so. The blog has you guys, such a great following, you have been super supportive...

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First off its going to be a marathon and as you well know, no good story ever started with a salad. I have been away and I just woke up because bloggers are being awarded, aki if I had know I would have taken ka Toi seriously, but that is nothing to worry a...

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The Holidays and Amazing fashion!!!
Hi ya'll!! its been a while? Anyhuu the holidays are here!!! Since I know most of you have gone to the village, I have decided to leave a likkle something for the city folks here. Ya'll know how I love Bonang Matheba so that is why her glorious self is star...

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The Queen, a Rooster and Weddingtings!!!
This post was not going to be about me, but what is a fashion blogger if she cant plaster herself everywhere. Also I have just seen 2015 BAKE blog awards are up for submission. That thing woke me up like a nonsense. Aki this year we should win. Lakini the w...

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Turbans, Dresses and WINE!...... free WINE!!!!!!
I have been meaning to blog Nadia for the longest time! Do not even bother asking me where the hell I have been since January. Okay strike that, not nice, seriously I have run out of excuses. I lost the writing juice and inspiration for fashion has been und...

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Back on the blog!! Toi Market!! I am excited about Kenya! About us, about the fashion scene and the kenyan contemporary art affairs. So this year will highlight all of that.

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Carole Kinoti | Expressions of Interest
Hey ya'll. New year New beginnings!! I have not written in a while because... well because. But here I am again. Last Year (sounds so far away now) I was at Carole Kinoti's New label launch. It was a smash!! Fantastic show. Great people. Great style. Carole...

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Converse, The ALL STARS, Super Smart Casuals and Some Great Food.
You know I have been talking talking here about dresses and girly all the time and am really a casual smart person, is in the DNA. Anyway jana as I was going through my newsfeed I saw my man Gitahi  had posted that picture of Rihana. He was actually talking...
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