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Katrina Chua
"A manager is an assistant to his men" -Thomas Watson
"A manager is an assistant to his men" -Thomas Watson

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"Speak to your audience in their language about what's in their heart" - Jonathan Lister

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6 Google-Approved Tools that Take Your Analytics Data to New Heights (via +SEMrush)

As much of a breakthrough as Google Analytics has been for businesses, it does have its flaws. The good news is that Google has taken steps to improve the service by opening up their tools to outside developers and service providers, making Analytics into an ecosystem-friendly platform rather than a standalone app. The newly rebooted Google Analytics Partners program is a great way to see which of these guys have Google‘s seal of approval.

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Grab a COPY here! | #GrowthHacking

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Did you know that 35% of business data becomes obsolete every year? And if you’ve been using the same database a year or more ago, you’re more likely to be calling invalid or the worse, dead contacts.

Get your database some life man!

Let me share with you some secrets on how to increase your database with qualified contacts.

Run a customer profiling campaign!

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Ultimate Guide on How to Launch a Successful Business Event

Follow these #tips when planning on hosting an #event for your business.

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Nurture your business from ground up and amplify the number of your customers by building a business list with the best candidates of customers.

Here's How:

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#OutboundMarketing has the broadest scope but targeted audience. With the help of #digitalmarketing and #socialmedia , cold calling can be an effective and cheaper way to market your products.

Don’t just wait for leads to come in. Attract and close deals faster with outbound marketing. 
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