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Well, tagline. What's that? No idea. If you know, tell me. Thanks!
Well, tagline. What's that? No idea. If you know, tell me. Thanks!

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Very Open

I walk around the training area. It's during lunch, so I don't see anyone. I'm doing the occasional cartwheel and singing quietly. My Kool-Aid jug is no where in sight. 

I'm doing section cleanup. Just FYI. 

So I have this idea...and you can call it stupid. But what if we did a thing where you presented some stuff about your godly parent? So all the Dionysus kids would work on a post that tells about Dionysus and then their cabin leader could actually post it? But it would help people out especially with minor gods. Idk..tell me what you think.

Daughter of Dionysus. 

Guys, I'm going to make an announcement.

Please don't post those reblog to five different community things here. That's not what this is about. If it's Percy Jackson related I'll give you a pass but it's annoying to scroll through those. Thanks! ^_^

Otherwise known as Kilia Blackthorne
Daughter of the Dolphin guy
Also known as Dionysus 

Anyone else ship jasico? 


I'm hanging out at the craft hut, trying to make a wind charm. Somehow, one of the pieces comes flying through the air and hits me on the forehead. No. I point to the scrambled bits of the craft and walk to the other side of the room, where my Kool-Aid jug is. I'm about to pick it up when someone bursts through the door. 

//Stock (Iconia)//

Gen: 5,000,000,000
Food: 6,000(?) (Do I actually need to put that seeing as we farm?


1) Rice
2) Cranberries
3) Iisulla- a type of sweet grain used in baking, it thrives at cold temperatures
4) Desmalt- a vegetable hybrid of corn and tomatoes, it requires a lot of water
5) Ferishal- an herb that is often used as seasoning

Blue crystal
Made into: necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets, embedded in items (such as a belt or a wallet), larger crystal can be split and polished
Used as: telephone-like communications, spy gadgets, walkie-talkie type communication

(Sorry it's late and stuff and I didn't do it right, I don't think, just tell me what else I need. +Brendon Johnson) 

So the government and positions for the Iconia people. Yay!

The government is basically a constitutional monarchy, but the monarch has more power than they would in a constitutional monarchy. Bills and stuff are written and passed by a council of elected citizens. These are then passed to the monarch who decides if they get passed into law. There are diplomats and stuff too, of course, but the monarch accompanies them, largely for symbolic purposes and stuff. So yeah. There's also a group of people (they're like guards) that make sure everyone's following the law.

So you can be:
A member of the royal family
A member of the council
A diplomat
A guard/policeman/law-keeper
A normal citizen
A merchant

That's basically it. Is this okay? Did I post it in the right place? 
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