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The app should be able to search friends by different languages, but not only in English.

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This post is for everyone that keeps asking what is wrong with their battery and standby time. I wanted to explain the basics in a single post instead of answering things in each thread. If you are not rooted some of these won't work, I recommend rooting your phone, there are no downsides unless you install something from a random page on the internet. It is easy and safe to root any Nexus phone.

1) Wi-Fi is your friend: Being constantly connected to Wi-Fi is good for standby time and battery as a whole. Data connections(3G/4G/LTE/2G) consume more than Wi-Fi this is due to the strength of the signal that the phone is connected to.

2) While on Wi-Fi turn off Data: Data is supposed to be off when Wi-Fi is on, but I have measured a significant difference between leaving data connections on/off. If you are going to sit down anywhere longer than 1hr turn on wifi turn off data.

3) Location Services: I find that location services with google offer a good feature, but constant location pings will kill your battery. I personally use "Battery Saving" for the features, but it can be turned off completely.

4) Persistent Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Scanning: Go to location menu, three dot menu, Scanning, and turn off both Wifi and Bluetooth scanning. (IMPORTANT) I have found that every once in a reboot(not every reboot it takes some time) these settings stick even if the toggle is off, you need to repeat and turn them off.

5) Wakelocks: These will keep your phone awake, it will not allow your phone to enter deep sleep mode and conserve battery. Certain applications will go crazy with their wakelocks these need to be identified and either deleted or greenified(explained later)

6) Services: Certain applications will leave a running service in the background either for constant sync, notifications, chat applications etc. Some services are necessary like Whatsapp and others are simply their for constant notification and tracking. Identify those applications that use a constant service and either delete or greenify them. DELETE FACEBOOK AND FACEBOOK MESSENGER, these are the worst offenders of running services.

7) Greenify(ROOT): This application is not be to used on every application, this is bad for both battery and performance due to constant hibernation and wake of all apps. Analyze your phone and app usage, see which apps use services or are constantly on and greenify them. EDIT: Bought Greenify and did a couple of tests, greenifying "SIM Toolkit" and it made a huge difference to the phones downtime.

8) Naptime or Doze Settings Editor: This is for people like me which are a little more active in their phone use. Doze with normal settings takes an hour and then some to activate. With either of these apps you can modify the times to allow doze mode to enter faster. I have tried settings as fast as 10 minutes 15 minutes. It is a math game of changing constants to see which one allows your phone to be asleep the most during the day when not in use.

9) Kernels: I'm using ElementalX kernel, I wanted the double tap to wake which this kernel had as a feature. But battery wise I have found no to negligible results. Franco Kernel, I experienced good battery life but there was a noticeable hit on performance. I would recommend either stock or Ex.

10) ROMs: With my Nexus 5 I exclusively ran ROMs Euphoria OS to be precise. With my 6P I tried PureNexus due to great reviews, but I experienced Lag and performance problems since day 1. I switched back to stock and installed XPOSED framework and everything is working perfectly. With XPOSED I'm running GravityBox and Youtube background playback.

11) Charging Your Phone: Facts: Deep discharge cycles are bad for your battery. Best practices for taking care of your battery include charging it when you can, if you are sitting down at a desk and are using your phone below 60% you are damaging your battery for no reason. Discharge cycles of more then 40% harm Li-Ion/Li-Po batteries. If you can charge your phone you should. Deep discharge cycles (10-0%) will harm your battery and should be avoided if possible.

12) STOP KILLING APPS: Do not go into Recents(square button) and remove all applications. You have a good amount of RAM, use it. RAM that is not being used, is RAM wasted. Everytime you kill the app and start it again it will consume more resources to start the application and move the files back to RAM. RAM is always active, it doesn't shutdown partially, the more you use it the better. Do not micromanage which application is on the recents tab. If an app uses a service in the background or is constantly going to wakelocks use GREENIFY.

I have found that doing this I have not limited my phone in any way. The apps I want to run in the background run, the apps I need to hibernate are hibernated and the phone when left alone goes to sleep and enters Doze. It takes some gettings use to the tools and what you are doing, but it really just takes 5-15 minutes to get everything running efficiently. If you see the screenshot, that % I already had a few minutes of screen on time at the end. It is close to 8 hours of standbytime, I lost 1% during the night. The longer the phone is left alone the more efficient it becomes due to the way Doze multiplies standby times. Every Doze cycle the standby time before a sync cycle multiples by 2(default).

I always recommend starting from zero, download the stock image, unlock your bootloader and flash the latest version. Set everything up fresh let google install all your apps and set your settings from the beginning. Doing this, you will notice the changes that you made and will help you diagnose what is causing which problems.

If you need a guide to unlock bootloader and root, here it is:

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Is it possible to clear all notifications when I unlock the device? It is inconvenient that I have to clear them one by one.

Is dolphin float still being supported? I cannot find it in the play store.

The mirror service is very unstable. It disconnects about every 30 seconds. Is there any way to fix it?

I can slide my finger on the space bar to move the cursor while typing Chinese. Is it possible to do this when typing English?

I wish the app can display different covers in an album since some of the singles in the album have their own cover art.

Another thing is the albums selection page shows the "song artist" name but not the "album artist" name. Some albums have featuring artists which their names are also put in "song artist".
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