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Raquel Byrnes
Fiction Author: Danger, Love, and Mystery
Fiction Author: Danger, Love, and Mystery

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New post up on my blog! Writing #steampunk  novellas. #books   #amwriting  
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Time in Pages
I've been asked to write a few novellas to accompany the release of my YA Steampunk series next year. They can be any character or event in the series. So...yay! Between 2500-5000 words long.  Whoa...what?!  At first I was concerned at the time frame. I hav...

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IWSG, Reading Changed Me
Our Twitter handle is @TheIWSG and hashtag is #IWSG This month's Insecure Writers Support Group topic is: How has being a writer changed your experience as a reader? The truth is...A LOT I was always a voracious reader. I was the kid in school reading as sh...

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With Every Beat
You are supposed to start your story when everything goes awry. Writers call it media res and it means that you begin a narrative "in the middle of things" rather than at the beginning of the event.  You dump the reader right into the juicy bits of the even...

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Dreadfully Creepy
There is something so AWESOME about starting a new project. Working through a three book series like the one I just finished is rewarding, sure...I feel happy to have completed Lady Blackburn's story. However, the excitement of discovery in research, of bra...

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Exhibition of Wonders
So for my Steampunk series I have absolutely LOVED doing research for these books. There is something so fun about world building when you're doing Alternative History because you get to delve into a sea of 'what ifs' and that is my FAVORITE. Photo by Myrab...

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The Tremblers Playlist
Music that inspired the #YA #Steampunk Thriller, TheTremblers From what I listened to while writing the aero ship battles
to songs that capture the desperate romance in a crumbling world...I hope you
enjoy the songs and lyrics that moved me to create this wor...

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As Cmdr. Taggart Says...
I'm in the home stretch now. I can see the final chapters so clearly that I can almost taste them. Okay, I may need to work on my imagery here, but you get the point. The last book in my YA Steampunk series is coming to a close...EVER SO SLOWLY! Its taken a...

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Beauty vs. Sublime
Darling House in The Dreadful Darlings In doing preliminary research on my next book, I was pondering the difference between beauty and the sublime. Beauty, as you may know, is concerned with symmetry and harmony...order.  The sublime on the other hand is a...
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