I got hold of a box of the (1/72 scale) Dark Alliance 'Light Warg Orcs' the other day, and on the whole, they look like a nice bunch of miniatures (they also go together quite well too).

I'd also say that the detail on these guys is a little crisper than on the original Dark Alliance Orcs (i.e. Orcs sets 1 & 2), and contain hardly any 'flash' that needs cleaning up.

Anyway, I just finished painting two of them - so I thought I'd post a quick picture  (though I think I really need to start photographing my mini's before I varnish them - as the camera makes the varnish look a lot more glossy than it actually is).

(note that I've based them on 20mm x 40mm bases from Kallistra)
1/72 fantasy
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