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Where's Waldo Redux : ISIS style
Can you spot him? If so, I'm mega glad. Imagine playing this game in real life where hats cannot tip you off. You are with your kids at market along with thousands upon thousands of other innocents; you got 20 seconds to find him.  If you fail...we don't go...

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It's Important To Communicate Your Feelings
Lots of additional government workers will help with processing real change.   There. Real change.  

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On Why Evangelicals Typically Vote Conservative
Evangelical’s often
view compassion differently then left of center voters.  Compassion, we
believe, comes from our mind and will having a concern for the well-being of others
and moving to action for their benefit.  We further believe this as an act
of our...

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Trudeau: Le Master Of Disguise
Trudeau does a masterful job capturing the collective ignorance
of the masses.   With the help of a wildly
biased and determined left wing media, we are witnessing the withdrawal of
reason and the impending emergence of a tired, tested and failed Keynesian ...

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My Plea For Canadians
Keynesian economics is based on the idea that the economy is not too complex for the government to analyze, figure out and ultimately fix. The sum total of the analysis is the collaboration between the central bank, large corporations and government to esse...

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Fairness: A Wolf In Sheep's Cloathing
CEO Dan Price (who announced a $70 min wage for his employees) and Mr. Trudeau have much in
common: they both believe in a fairer world.   Like Price, Trudeau wants to make fairness a theme of his endeavors.   Let’s take a peek at Price's experiment...

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Failing Can Be Helpful
In analyzing my approach to “taking a break from blogging”, I have tried to reduce my blogging inconsistency to laziness (for I am quite lazy), but my internal reductio ad absurdum argument had me conclude it’s a matter of intellectual honesty.   I am unabl...

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Failing Forward
Abby ,  I am
looking to put the past behind me.  I wrote this for you, Brad and the
girls. Brad encouraged me to share it with others...    2012 was not a good business year .   Three of my businesses
were struggling. Our tire recycling facility had a  fire...

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Why Manufacturing Wages Are Shrinking; And What To Do About It
My father asked me recently "Why are manufacturing wages getting lower and lower as time goes on?" My Response: On the aggregate (exceptions exist), wages are decreasing in manufacturing for 4 reasons: #1.
Workers are rarely responsible for their results. ...
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