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Brandon Sablan
Eat+sleep+work+be a dad+be a husband=ME!!!
Eat+sleep+work+be a dad+be a husband=ME!!!

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West Pacific Cartel

Xbox one gamertag: bransablan

Time for us to take this shit over

Omg gta v servers and matchmaking is the freaking worse... I feel like my whole online experience is more of a battle to get a heist or game started with others than actually playing the game... Anyone else having these issues???

Any League players in the Tacoma Seattle areas? Looking to build a team in the Pacific Northwest and participate in the tourneys around here...

Just FYI the H-Car gun is the worse recoil gun ive ever seen in any Battlefield game... Buyer beware, i shouldve got the Scar-h instead

Hey guys, do weapons unlocked from single player campaign mean i can use them in multiplayer

How do you know which class each champion is supposed to be in like tank, lane, or healer

Just played my first three matches and so far its awesome... Although im finding some of the power ups you buy are a bit confusing granted though i feel its similar to vainglory... If anyone knows any tips as far as the champions or videos to watch to help me i would appreciate it

Adrian "Boring" Broner...

Such an awful fight, someone like Amir Khan needs to call him out and put him on his ass

That moment a phone call comes in while playing a match... FML!!!!

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