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How to tell if a child is being bullied at school.

School Bullying is vicious and hurtful. But many children won't talk about it. As a parent or teacher you need to know if your child is being victimized.
There are many tell-tale signs in the handwriting that you should know about.

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When you study someone’s handwriting you are not merely looking at a written page. You are delving into a real live person’s feelings, motives and behaviour. So you have to be sensitive when moving into these deeper levels of uncharted territory.

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How to get a Personal Achievement Chart - Graphology World
Your Personal Achievement Chart will give you concrete proof of your strengths and weaknesses that will help you to create a fresh new plan for your career and even your life.

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What are the qualifications required to be a graphologist?

I am not referring to the education and training required to be a graphologist – which is a field on its own.

I am talking about the kind of person who is best suited to being a Graphologist.

In my opinion this should be a person who is rich in life experiences and importantly who has an ability to empathize. To me the most important thing a graphologist can do is to “listen” to the deeper message of the handwriting with an open mind and then after that to try to understand.

When you have the capacity to listen first and then to understand you are in a place where you can provide value to others.

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Whatever you can do or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it. Begin it now - Goethe

Find out how to identify the signs of genius in handwriting that relate to intelligence and creativity.

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The tiny body of the signature reflects his dissatisfaction with his ordinary self while the soaring upper zone reflects his boundless aspirations. It was all about the things he wanted to do and the things that he still hoped to achieve.

Unfortunately his aspirations were so high that they caused him to lose touch with reality.  More and more, he began to inhabit a strange world of fantasy until it became his reality.

Now take a look at the circle which takes centre stage in his signature.  This is a symbolic expression of his attitude to dancing. It’s as if he felt that his music and dancing were all-encompassing and could bring everything together and turn his world into a better place.

But Michael Jackson’s amazing success was not only due to his musical and dancing talent. It was a personality thing as well.

He was certainly versatile. But in addition to that, his physical, mental and emotional agility, coupled with his soaring aspirations and his driving ambition combined to make him the legend that he was.

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Finding the Genius Within

We may not all be geniuses but we all have a spark of genius within us.
It may be in the  form of a talent or a skill that you haven’t fully developed or it may be an unusual ability that you had never really thought about seriously.

Whatever it is,  the trick is to be able to find it and recognize it even if it is only a spark. Because, who knows? You may just be able to fan that small spark into a flame!

Until comparatively recently, we only associated genius with great men such as Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci or Mozart. But we should never assume that genius is only about intelligence or art.

The thinking today is that genius can be found in areas that we had never before associated with genius.

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Graphology is over and above studying the meaning of little symbols and letters in handwriting. Rather, it is about that larger understanding that we always try to reach. It allows you to peep into that magical space of human understanding and personal relationships.

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Alan Turing, cryptologist and computer visionary was a genius.  The signs are clear to see in his handwriting. Check out these handwriting samples and see the evidence of his genius for yourself
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