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Jeff Kraakevik
An academic neurologist sharing the interesting and fascinating world of neurology.
An academic neurologist sharing the interesting and fascinating world of neurology.

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How to go about making more neurologists
I've been involved in several discussions on a national level lately about a perceived need to increase medical student recruitment to neurology as a specialty. There is worry about the looming doctor shortage. There is worry that we are not hip enough to c...

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360 degrees of neurological amazingness
It was an ordinary day, and I was looking at my Facebook feed, and a friend had posted a video he made while snowboarding. Being on vacation, and a little bored, I clicked on it expecting to see a snowboarding epic move or an epic fall or something. What I ...

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Using a Lego to explain the difference between competencies and EPA's
People in medical education often have trouble figuring out the difference between competencies and EPA (entrustable professional activities). There is a pretty big philosophical difference. The competencies are definitions of observable behaviors and the E...

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Is there a 'best' curriculum for medical school?
I've been in many meetings lately where we our medical school is grappling with the question of whether our recent/ ongoing curriculum transformation has accomplished what we set out to accomplish. Many people are asking if our new way of doing things is 'b...

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In which I discuss educational philosophy heresy
Educational reform always provokes controversy and arguments. I honestly started engaging in healthy discussions (read arguments) about educational reform when I was in my first education theory class in college. Most education reform arguments come down to...

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Is there an upside to the noise of seemingly irrelevant content in medical education?
As I have worked in planning curriculum in medical school either as a course/ clerkship director or in various school-level committees, a common question keeps coming up. How much is too much information?  Or conversely how little do you need to know about ...

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How might a pure competency-based curriculum change residency interview season?
OHSU is one of several schools that recently received an AMA-funded grant to push medical educational innovation.  Our new curriculum, YourMD (yeah it has a cool marketable name), is in many ways a test lab for this grant (to be clear, most of what I'm goin...

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Robert's rules and the digital age (or my one day as chair of the curriuculum committee)
Oregon Medical School Admission and Advanced Standing Committee 1950's Sometimes things happen to you without much thought or planning.  In February, I was sitting in what I thought was an inconspicuous corner of the room during the monthly curriculum commi...

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6 things to make your medical scholl lectures better
So, I realize that many schools are trying to minimize lecture hours, but the truth is that this modality will not likely ever go away completely.  As such, I've made a draft of some guidelines for lecturers in the course I co-direct based on common mistake...

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Does a practicing physician need to be in the primary literature?
This post is more of a thought experiment than a suggestion for a new policy statement for medical education.  So, please understand part of why I'm putting this question up is to get you all to think a bit about this concept. The underlying theme I've hear...
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