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Vintage: Dusty Green
I've been quite busy changing my interior. Some furniture leaves while others get a make over. It does take time since pinterest has made me quite picky. But I have found the perfect colour paint, in a small shop I've passed a thousand times already, thinki...

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Halloween Zombie Nail Art
Due a busy schedule I haven't been exactly active. However, now that Halloween and other holidays is coming up, I'm extremely motitvated to post because I have actually stuff to post about. Now, I made some Halloween before and I even made Iron Fist zombie ...

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Recipe Oliebollen
Today I decided to make some oliebollen  (translated oil balls) which was also my first try. I really wanted to try this because even though it's usually eaten with new years eve or on fairs, I want to be able to eat them any other time of the year because ...

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Mario mushroom nail art
So while I was playing Mario Kart on the wii the other day, I was wondering myself, why I never did any nailart for this? It's not hard, so why not? So while watching 'Shutter Island' I took my time to do it, let it dry properly and trying to do a neat job....

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Thorthunderstrike contest: second place!
So from 31 october till november 11th, I played a game called Thorthunderstrike which was a contest. For 12 days. Including a lot of Red Bull, coffee and sleepless nights I managed to end up being second. 20 november Disney mailed me about it and so I won t...

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Even though the Wolverine was a bit dissapointing in my opion, this news is very exciting!
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