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Scot Rafkin
Planetary weather dude and chicken rancher
Planetary weather dude and chicken rancher

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Driver education class tomorrow and all week. Gotta learn me how to command a nuclear powered Mars rover.

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My essay for Darwin Day on behalf of the National Atheist Party

Now taking recommendations for restaurants in S.F. China Town. Any suggestions? I'm looking for good hole in the wall stuff, not fancy, touristy, avante garde, nouveau, fusion crap.

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The faster than light neutrino saga continues:

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A little shameless self-promotion:

Wednesday, November 2:
Dr. Scot Rafkin
(Southwest Research Institute)
Title: Rethinking the General Circulation of the Atmosphere of Mars

The paradigm for the general circulation of the Mars
atmosphere is of a slow, overturning Hadley Cell
with a seasonally-shifting rising branch that
follows peak insolation. The Hadley cell is often
cited as the dominant circulation responsible for
the transport of dust, water, energy, and mass,
although it has never been directly observed. Recent
observations, over a decade of numerical modeling
studies, and a glimpse back at Earth's circulation
suggest that the simplistic notion of a Mars Hadley
Cell is insufficient to describe the actual
circulations responsible for transport. The case for
a new paradigm--one dominated by strong, localized
vertical transport--is presented and is shown to be
consistent with observations.

An encore presentation will be held December 14th in Oslo at the Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics.

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When will NATO authorize the use of drones and bombs on Oakland to protect the citizens from their government?

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This is a rather polite version. I'd prefer bullshit.
Today's Bumper Sticker...

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Pizza, and I use the term loosely, Kiel Germany-Style. Yeah, that's broccoli and corn on an oily-globby doughball crust. If that doesn't make you happy, perhaps you could wash it down with some <a href=,,2546450_gid_2546415_lang_2_page_2,00.html>sea weed wine</a>. Now that's some special stuff, especially if you like the taste of salty pond scum.
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