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Frank Bocchino
If someone thinks they're smarter than you, let them.
If someone thinks they're smarter than you, let them.

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Inside Predictive Analytics: Or How I Knew You Were Going to Read This.
Web Retailers would love to somehow tell buyers from shoppers. With predictive analytics, they can. Depending upon the site and the products and
services offered, some website visitors will purchase a product, fill out a
form for more info, or schedule a de...

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Top Spot on Google: Tougher than an Olympic Gold Medal?
Winning an Olympic medal is an amazing achievement by athletes who have
dedicated years to win the highest honor in their chosen sport. For businesses, the Top spot on a Google search in their product or service is now viewed as their digital Gold
Medal. ...

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Social Media: Avoid Bad Tweets and Recover When You Don't
In Alfred Hitchcock's classic horror film The Birds , a town is paralyzed when birds viciously attack unsuspecting citizens. A remake of sorts is being done online and it's called The Tweets. Designed to give the common man a voice to be heard, Twitter has ...

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Use Your Cell Phone As a Phone? You're Old.
Watch a millennial's face when their cell phone rings.  First,
it takes them a second to realize what that sound is. Then you may
witness a range of emotions, anywhere from confusion to annoyance to
complete panic. One thing's for sure though. They won't...

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Social Media Requests: How Much is Too Much?
I did a search, clicked a link, and that website I just visited wants to know who I am. And when it asked, I ran. Or least, close the tab and moved on. Though their intent is most likely not for nefarious purposes, many websites want to know as much about t...

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Social Media and Politics: Soap Box or Silence?
It's that time of year again when your Facebook feed and Twitter roll gets inundated with post after post condemning candidates in one political party or praising those in another. I've posted the occasional political cartoon and meme: Hillary tweeting

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Top 3 Social Media Business Trends in 2016 You Need to Know About
Ready for one last social media prognostication for 2016? (Yes I know it's mid-January 2016, but that's just how I roll. sunglasses drop in slowly over eyes) Good, because there are social media trends that are starting and 2016 will see many changes in t...

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Keeping the "Party" in Christmas Party.
I attended a Holiday Party this week. I mean, I think it was a party... This is not an article on the  validity of the War on Christmas or the value of replacing the word Christmas with Holiday . No this is business. And about a business Holiday party where...

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Does Social Media Have a Place When Tragedy Strikes?
It's one of the most debated questions in the social media realm. When tragedy strikes on such a worldwide level as it did this past week, we are all compelled to share what's in our hearts and minds. Sorrow, grief, anger, outrage, depression, fear, vigilan...

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Bridging a Social Media Marketing Generation Gap
Photo: Social media best practices is often the topic of my column which is syndicated by several news services and tweeted to millions of readers. I've written two eBooks on social media best practices, and compan...
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