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Hint, hint: Okay, game show fans, the next (Google+ Hangouts) Game Show kicks off in the next 60 minutes. The first nine people to join my hangout are contestants. I am giving away a Jabra bluetooth headset courtesy of Hello Direct. Be ready for trivia, physical challenges, and fun. I'll be the one in a tuxedo (and a custom Smith Brand Bow Tie courtesy of +Ian Smith). See you soon!
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But I have a meeting! Maybe the next one, but this definitely sounds like fun!
Crap, how do I join a google hangout?
Do you Broadcast these Publicly? I'm the YouTube LIVE Broadcaster that has the embed players on Google Plus and Facebook.
Cool. I'm going to try to get in on this.
+Michael Mozart I don't broadcast any of my Google+ projects but I am open for discussing. I have done some appearances, literally brought the game show to other hangouts. I get a lot of offers but I am being hesitant. I really like the idea of having to play to be a part of the fun. The game show is really an experience, rather than a show. Silly perhaps, but fun.

By the way, everyone: I am putting on the tuxedo... The Game Show is soon!
+John Herman What's that font you're using in that image? The one spelling out 'The (Google+) Hangout Game Show…'?
+Michael Anderson You'll have to play and find out. Hint: it's fun. The next game show is later this afternoon EDT.
+John Herman Plus one for broadcasting these. Let people "play along" from home the way they do with TV game shows. Broadcasting will also net you 5-10x more followers within three episodes... 5-10x more people having fun.
How do one join and check it out? Do one have to friend and do it that way?
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