changed her profile photo.

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Love this picture of me and paige
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Erin J
Soooo cute!
The show is awesome! I Love it! I also Love your pick.
you guys are so cute!
i wouldnt be suprised if u guys were models 
paige just did a photo shoot in the season finale!
Hi brooke i love you 2 fav i love you and your sister are you maddie siad that you and her best friend with you ???? are you good friend with  mackenze ? how is your best  friend lov ya caroline
no your not i am because my room,desktop and everthing else is full of dance moms
You guys look like you mom lol you guys are gorgeous I wish I was that pretty
u guys look awesome i really want to meat u
i love you brooke you are so pretty you are a good dancer
ok ok enough everybody knows there real but .....  there is a video that proves that they do not have a google+ they only have instagram,facebook,and twitter
i love u both i am so sad u guys left on dance moms but a saw a preview for the rest of the season and it shows u guys back
will you guys come back?
You guys are so pretty! I wish you would come back to Dance Moms! It doesn't seem complete without you guys! But I know you guys come back because I saw the commericial for the later episodes!
I'm glad you guys came back to Dance Moms. But Brooke I'm sorry you got cut from the group dance. Abby just gets pissed easily. But there's not a thing wrong with your dancing!
Your so pretty in that picture what am I saying your always pretty!!
brooke you and pagie are so AWESOME I love your show dance moms and you 
u both look so pretty
Brooke I am your biggest fan my name is Kennedy and not only i have your google plus but i also have your gmail and Paiges too.Anyway about the pic you look so so pretty in it.I wish one day i coulld meet you in person.
Brooke can i get your phone number
I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!! You two are soooooooo cute together!!!
you better not be calling me a stocker you bitch
u 2 r gorgeous no joke!!!!
Joe Lee
miss you cool dear friend holp your day is heavenlt cool 
Joe Lee
dear brooke will you let my dear friends know this is my new page i miss you all so dearly xoxo bill lee
you should text me!!! at 541 654 7361 please!!! it would be the dream come true of my life
you guys are true amazing dancers love you guys <3
Madi M
You both are soooooo pretty
Madi M
both are sooooo pretty!!!!!
Brooke can u add me plz tell. Madrid and Kendal to do so love becky lol xox
love you broke and paige abby just mad because you look pretty and she over wight
U guy's are very pretty Paige and brook foreves
Brooke you and pagie look cute in the pic 
I love it too! I'm listening to a video of a meet and greet when you and paige went to Canada right now
Maria R
that looks so cool
hey we went to sope creek together Its Catherine Anderton
You guys are an amazing dancers!!!! I watch Dance moms!!
I am the biggest fan of yours Brooke I really love this pic and I like the dance that you on Dance Moms
Miss you girls on Dance Moms. Hope you're doing ok. Love your mom too.
Love it you guys are so pretty
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