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Nothing about the style speaks to me... meh

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Hey Noodle, Add me as a friend if you mind please, I enjoy your posts.  theSA1N7 on Origin
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I switched my review from a 1 to 4 star: My issue was resolved and I am happy with that. ------------------- Original Post: I recently ordered a Vision UX, completed all paper work, submitted all documents, and provided first payment. I waited for almost a week for approval, and after finally being approved, had to wait again for the order to be shipped. This has taken another week. I was finally provided a UPS tracking number on Monday but by mid to end of week the order had still not been shipped. I called MDG to get answers and was told my info from UPS was wrong, I insisted I'd been in touch with ups twice knowing they run a legit and sound business...after being transfered 3 times and confronting each MGD service rep it was determined the order was in fact still not shipped. After being transfered and put on hold a few more times (as is common place with MDG) it was determined that a component is on back order. Why does this company consistently fail to treat customers honestly, efficiently, and then operate in a manner that makes you regret doing business with them? They could have been transparent informing a customer that a video card is on back order and not taking money before hand, or finding an equal or better component to compensate for all these shortcomings. But they do not, it doesn't even cross their management's minds. I feel sorry for their poor reps who have such an incompetent and uncaring Management and company to work with. If you see negative reviews from customers and employees of MDG, I can tell you they are heatedly true!
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4 teens working this location, and it must be the slowest service on a Sunday I've ever experienced...the lady in front of me waiting almost 10 minutes to be served while they went about they're duties. We ordered food and that took as long the be served. The wraps are woefully thin and small and cost a fortune...what am I paying almost 7 dollars for...the fancy dumb box?
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Guys come here too...not for a shellac'n perhaps, but for a nice manly or executive nail treatment! ;)
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First mens shop I went to after relocating to Waterloo from Toronto...certainly will be back!
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A HUGE Thank you to Contemporary Computers! I have nothing but appreciation for the service and person-ability of the staff here. After a hard drive and keyboard replacement I am back to the races. They also were above and beyond and helped me with putting MS Office on my computer since I am not a fan of anything beyond 2010. Good Job guys and thank you, will definitely be recommending your services.
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