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I love the owl sweater and skater skirt :)  my favorite by far

the sun reflected off of his bulging muscles, and i shielded my face with my hand, trying to get a better view.  Surfers caught waves that seemed to take them to the highest kingdoms of the world.  But i didn't notice anything else but the boy.  He was mesmerizing, blue eyes, and a personality that could bring the shyest person out from the shadows.  I just wanted to know what it would feel like to spend a day with him.  would he like me for me?  He stretched his lean arms out and caught the football, right next to me, and for a second, i felt the tug as his eyes met mine, and i was awarded with the smallest of smiles, sending my heart beating like a hummingbirds wings.

she dropped into the warm bed, her body like a sack of cloth.  tears streaked new paths down her ashen cheeks.  Her heart throbbed in her chest radiating pain with each new beat.  Her eyes burned from the rubbing and crying and the back of her throat seemed to have been sliced in half.  Pain was everywhere, she was pain and she couldn't escape it.  the girl had no right to be where she was and didn't deserve even to cry.  her family abandoned her along with everyone else she loved.  Who's shoulder was left for her to cry on?
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