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Robert Weaver
Information is power. Who has more information than a Librarian?
Information is power. Who has more information than a Librarian?

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My boys and I had a go with Decipher's Lord of the Rings RPG. Older son is playing a man, a burglar/rogue, younger son playing the Noldor Elf who caught the burglar breaking into his lodge. Now they work together, sort of. They were investigating a cave in Mirkwood, one fell into a pit trap, and alerted the orc guards.

A two-on-two fight ensued. Under standard combat rules, orcs have just as many HP as the player characters, and combat is whittling them down & degrading their capabilities. It took six rounds of combat before the first two orcs went down. In that time, both PCs were hit several times as well. When the next two showed up, both sons said "we're outta here" and retreated.

My question is this: should I have used the game mechanic short-cut of one-hit enemies, since they never got past room 1 of my 5-room dungeon? I say NO. The combat was exciting and the sons had to think fast, on their feet and actually maneuver. With the one-hit kill it would have been over in the first round. No time for building tension and drama.

They'll be back to the 5-room dungeon, but next time they're bringing some NPC backup.

On Saturday I ran another session of a Twilight:2000 (2nd ed) campaign for my boys and a group of their friends. The "Knick-Knacks" are in Latvia, searching for the Japanese PC's intelligence contact/former fiancee. In this session, they were doing a job for a crime boss, in exchange for information on her whereabouts. It was a ransom exchange to get the boss' kid back. Their planning went well, with several of the group inserted under cover 6+ hours ahead of the meet. When the kidnappers appeared, I described them: Red Shirt is the leader, Tiny has an SMG and is holding the kid, and Hulk is 6'7" and carrying a shotgun. Everyone at the table pointed at Hulk's counter and said "We're shooting him first."

Yep. They called that one right.

"In a landscape of increasing competition among non-elite institutions for a dwindling number of students, colleges and universities will need a new competitive edge over their rivals. According to a new higher education study, a better learning experience may yield the optimal advantage." - Stephen Bell, at Library Journal.
So what you're saying then, is that colleges should focus on teaching students the subject matter of their disciplines?
This should be the most trite, obvious and "well, yeah" observation ever in higher education. That it is not, says volumes about the state of higher ed in the USA.

Blessed Pascha / Happy Easter to All! Christ is Risen.

Blessed Good Friday to you all.

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Look what came in the mail today! Thanks +Omer G. Joel!

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Here's a tale from my Traveller Universe, and a Unique Object that PC's might be interested in finding. 

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A response to the most recent bombings of Coptic Churches in Egypt.

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We like to say that there are no 'levels' in Traveller, but that's not entirely true. There are Social Levels (SOC). How much this matters varies from game to game, but it must be possible among all the goals Travellers may pursue that attaining higher social rank, or even nobility must be among them. How to go about it? How do you handle it in your game?

"You cannot say something insightful, or even something intelligent, on a subject or issue about which you don't know anything." -- Herbert Meyer, former Special Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence.

Therefore, whenever anyone (starting with me) makes a pronouncement in a social media forum, ask yourself the question: "Does this person actually know anything about this subject?" The clarity which will result is refreshing.
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