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We help disabled veterans and the disabled (non military) community.
We help disabled veterans and the disabled (non military) community.


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Today Oct 1, 2014 kicks off "National Disability Employment Awareness Month"

If you are a disabled individual, disabled military veteran and or an employer please help and #sreadtheword about

ATTN Employers:
Over the course of the month of Oct 2014. If you you purchase a subscription we will give you one free. Buy a 1,2,3 month job post and get a 1,2,3 month for free.

ATTN Job seekers:
Disabled veterans and disabled non military job seekers are and will always be 100% free.
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Seeking UR help #spreadtheword "Removing (Dis) From disABILITY" #begoodhumans & show UR support with a $1-5 donation
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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

If I may introduce myself. My name is Richard F. Hill (II) I am the founder of AbilityJobsPlus (AJP)

Please allow us.....(Correction) Please let me have just 5 minutes of your busy time. I operate a job site that helps Disabled Military Veterans and disabled (non military) individuals in their search for employment.

This is a very serious issue that has gone over looked for far to long. There is over 54 million disabled (non military) individuals, and over 3 million disabled military veterans that are unemployed in the United States. The disabled community is the largest and most neglected minority in the U.S. 19% of the American population is disabled. On a global scale there is slightly over 1 Billion disabled individuals.

We recently launched a crowd funding campaign We're reaching out to the public and seeking your help. We simply can not do this without your kindness, generosity, support, and help from your friends and family in your social circles.

Please help with a donation and share our campaign (often) with your social network. Word of mouth only takes a few seconds of your time. Together we can make a huge impact and help millions of disabled individuals. We can not do this without your help.

(Side note:)
NBC 12 news here in Arizona did a news story about us.

Thank you for giving me a little bit of your busy time.


Richard F. Hill II

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First and foremost on this Memorial Day Weekend.
Thank you to all who serve and protect our freedom. May you be blessed with all you deserve. Thank you to the families who stand strong besides the ones who serve, for without you...we wouldn't have them. Many Thanks, Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

If you you are out and about this long weekend, take a moment of your time if you come across a person currently in the military or a military veteran please remember to thank them for their service. would like to extend our service for companies if you post a job we will give you a free job posting if used to hire a disabled veteran thru out the extend weekend. All disabled Job seekers are always free to register at our site.
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Of course.
"January Employment Numbers Continuing Downward Trend for People With Disabilities"

This is why was created. To help disabled veterans and disabled non military, giving us a save place to find quility employment. While bringing awareness to corp America. The fact is sad is, the disabled community is the largest and most neglected minority.  Be a leader in your community and  help those in the most need of help. We want to work, give us the opportunity.
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Happy 2014
Your reminder. is still offering 100% free job posts (In celebration to our 2nd year anniversary) on Jan 3, 2014 (cut off time will be 11:59:59 PM).  This offer is only for companies that hire disabled veterans and disabled (non military) individuals, and job disabled job seekers are always 100% free.  Hurry the clock is ticking.
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Your weekly reminder! is offering 100% FREE job postings to companies that hire disabled veterans and disabled (non military) individuals.

In celebration to our 2nd year anniversary on Jan 3, 2014. (Only 15 more days.) Hurry and create your account before this free offer expires.

If its not to much to ask that you share with your favorite social network, and ask them to share too.

Happy Holidays to you and yours.

Thank you,
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Your luck is going to change on this Dec Friday the 13th 2013.  Reminder. is offering 100% FREE job postings until Jan 3rd, 2014 to companies and HR departments. When you use our site/service to hire a disabled veteran or disabled (non military) job seeker. Job seekers are always FREE.
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Starting today (Nov 27 thru Jan, 3rd 2014 our 2nd anniversary) all job postings will be 100% FREE. Please share with your network. Happy Thanksgiving all.
Add a comment... would like salute our brave past, present and future men and woman that have served in all branches of the military.  Stand tall, stand proud for service and protecting our nation.

It would be a great honer, and we would like to invite you to join Ability Jobs Plus if you are searching for quality employment.

Always 100% free. Help spread the word.
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