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How to make eclipse attractive to new communities?
Recently, I had some discussions withe different people on how to make eclipse attractive for non-java communities, in particular for web and mobile developers. Here are some of my thoughts: The Java mind-set in eclipse The eclipse IDE was for many people (...

Post has attachment Explains the Heartbleed bug quite nicely

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Evolution: form Emacs to Eclipse to IntelliJ and back to Emacs?
A few days ago, Dinis Cruz asked " Why doesn't
   Eclipse community stand-up more to
   IntelliJ? ". As a long term eclipse fan, let me explain why I am currently not using eclipse but IntelliJ (actually PyCharms) and why I almost feel like going back to ...

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A new Equation for Intelligence F = T ∇ Sτ - a Force that Maximises the Future Freedom of Action
The new Equation for Intelligence Will Change the World: F = T ∇ Sτ (Intelligence doesn't Like to be Trapped) Describing intelligence as a physical force that maximises the future freedom of action , adds a new aspect to intelligence that is often forgotten...

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only geeks get the joke....

I am scrolling too much on my iPad - my thumbs start hurting. It would be nice to have another way of scrolling, like tilting the device...

I wonder how I can go to youtube from an embedded youtube video on the iPad... I can play it but I am not able to get to the link.... what am I missing here?

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Why I think eclipse should cost something like $300.

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Second City knocks one out of the park.  Because Obama.

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