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Just picked it up the other day. Love it and congrats on the book becoming a bestseller.
+Michael Hyatt I'm cacheing the video right now to watch it in a minute or two.  I hope you might answer a question if the video doesn't answer it?
Awesome! Well deserved...such a FANTASTIC book. It is my top recommend to friends right now, for sure!
Congrats!!! That is wonderful!! 
CONGRATS Michael !!!
Can't wait to get my copy, Amazon said it will be shipping this week.
All the best.
I'm so excited for you!  That is awesome and well deserved!
Congratulations. This looks like a great book. I can't wait to check it out.
Congratulations!  Well deserved... it's a great read.
Congratulations! I enjoyed listening to the audio version, and will use the hard copy as reference.
I just finished listening to last week's entreleadership podcast where you gave a great talk.  You mentioned that there was a package deal if we purchased your book, but there was a limited time frame to do it, am I too late for the deal?  Thanks. 
I ordered it! Working my way through reading PLATFORM! It's a great book. Thanks Michael!  Have a great week ahead EVERYBODY! P.S. Love your blog too M.Hyatt awesome LEADERSHIP advice, information and great writers contributions! Love it! Keep up the great work and you team! 
Hi Michael...I ordered the hard-copy from Amazon the day I saw you at BlogWorld.  I sent you a copy of the receipt, but have not heard back from you on the electronic versions.
I just purchased this book the other day. Thanks. 
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