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Anyone who is trying to cut back on sugar should try this blueberry cake as my friend +Emma Noodlechips  recreates my paleo and refined sugar free blue berry muffin cake using erythritol and stevia.
Thank you Emma!

My recipe can be found at
+Balvinder Ubi finally I have photos to show you!... This is your blueberry muffin cake recipe and it's absolutely delicious! I subbed the coconut sugar for the same amount of Erythritol and added 5 drops of liquid stevia and 1 tsp of vanilla bean... It's so tasty thank you for making the recipe for me (and sorry that it's taken so long for me to try!) #Paleo #PaleoUk #Recipesforemma #GlutenFree #DairyFree

See the recipe at
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❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ +Balvinder Ubi
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Balvinder Ubi

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I can honestly say, I love my life and the ones in it!
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God bless you...
u ar beautifull lady
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Balvinder Ubi

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Coconut Quinoa Breakfast Salad
My family and I eat tons of fruit all year long but I hate to see the mango season go. So to say farewell to my beloved mangoes and to celebrate my 4th blogiversary, I have this wonderful tasting Quinoa breakfast salad with mangoes, pineapple and strawberries. It’s elegant, refreshing, nutrient rich and a perfect summer fare.

Click for Recipe :

#breakfast   #quinoa   #simpleglutenfreekitchen  
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I think we'll both move at the same time. +maria nasir 
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Balvinder Ubi

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Lady slipper orchid in a cut glass container. How beautiful is that?
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There are several types of orchid. I have one that gives flower after alternate years.
There is a marriage in a close friend's family and then I have other important things that need my full attention.
+maria nasir 
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Balvinder Ubi

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Hi friend's,

I have a bunch of recipes bookmarked in Pinterest, Flipboard and MS Notebook which I try from time to time. Even though I do not take pictures of all the recipes I try and share on Google+, I do give my feedback on that food blogger's post.
Here are a few that I took pictures of. Each recipe is flavorful, healthy, and amazingly delicious, and I highly recommend you to try.
The link to each recipe is given next to their name. Please check out their blogs and G+ pge for more amazing recipes.

+maria nasir's  *Ghormeh sabz*i
I used with whole dry lemons.
+Anu Nagaraja's  Instant ragi red rice dosa
I added urad flour in place of wheat flour

+PIYALI SEKHAR MUTHA /My Tryst With Food And Travel   Cucumber dosa
Followed the recipe exactly as written
+Niloofa Moulal Karamath 's - Srilankan Style Malu Ambul Thiyal  can't share the link it was a private post. private post
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😀 +Giulia C.
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Balvinder Ubi

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Wow!  +Niloofa Moulal Karamath  I got so many surprises on my big day but yours is the best! I am honored that you tried and tested two of my recipes so beautifully.
A million thanks dearest!
If you are looking for these recipes here are the links
Chicken Karahi -
Saunf wali meethi roti -
♡Chicken Karahi, Dhaba style :)
♡Saunf Wali Meethi Roti / Fennel Flavored, Sugar Stuffed Flat Bread :),

These delicious are recipes from my dear friend +Balvinder Ubi​ (her blog

Chicken Karahi was simply drooling recipe ,it was superb with both rice and chapatti.

Saunf Wali Meethi Roti. While making the roti I had fear that will kids eat or not but surprisingly they loved it alot ,serving with fresh cream n nuts was a hit at my place. first time experience for me stuffing a chapatti with suger n saunf mixture but I really enjoyed ...

Dear +Balvinder Ubi​ a big bunch of Thanks n Hugs for sharing such yummy and healthy recipes.

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+Niloofa Moulal Karamath  You're most welcome my dear +Niloofa Moulal Karamath. xoxo 😘💖
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Balvinder Ubi

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Rose Syrup
An exotic and deliciously fragrant syrup that can be used in many ways. Drizzle over crepes, kulfi (indian ice-cream) or add it to milk and desserts or use it in baking or in cocktails for a subtle rose flavoring.

Click for recipe
Rose flavored cupcakes:
#condiment   #roses   #syrup   #simpleglutenfreekitchen  
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Thank you +Shamsa A.  . The one I made is rose syrup. I never used rose water growing up but now I do use  every day to keep my skin hydrated and refreshed:)
Making a cake with same a batter is also a good idea. In fact I have done it too. It was more like a grown up cake with a lattice icing just for decoration.
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Balvinder Ubi

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Eid Mubarak to my friends who celebrate it.
As Eid and Seviyan go hand in hand here's my recipe for yummy gluten free seviyan. This is made from brown rice vermicelli which is easily available in Asian and main stream grocery stores.

#sweet   #dessertrecipes   #seviyan  
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+Balvinder Ubi mixed communities are a lot of fun. We learn a lot from each other...the most important one being love and respect.
Childhood memories are always the best. The hands of grandmas and moms always gave magic in it cooking or a comforting caress.
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Balvinder Ubi

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Muffin Frittata
Breakfast doesn’t have to be time consuming and complicated. These muffin frittatas are super easy and takes no more than 20 minutes to make. The recipe can be adapted in any way, shape or form you wish, with any ingredients you want.

Click for recipe:
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I will let you know soon dear..:)
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Baked Honey and ricotta pie! This sounds lovely! +Peter Block 
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wow delicious +Peter Block 
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Balvinder Ubi

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I don't hesitate to say that I love pizza. This gluten free pizza is topped with curry chicken and kale, a wonderful combination, that is more delicious than you can imagine.

Recipe link:
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Balvinder ubi
I love pizza my best food 
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