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Good morning, #MakerCamp !  For today’s #makermonday   project, we’re going to be building robots out of...well...whatever we can scrounge up!

[A caveat to start: we probably won’t end up with real robots, but they’ll look cool and they’re fun to show off]

Step 1: Figure out what size you want your robot to be, because this will determine what kinds of materials you use. Do you want to make a band of mini robot friends? Or a giant robot that can sit on your desk and glare at people?

Step 2: Time for the treasure hunt. Dig through your house, your garage, and your yard to find cool-looking stuff. Don’t take anything your parents or siblings will miss, obviously.

Step 3: Time to start building. There are 1001 ways to do this. Attach the pieces with glue (E-6000 is good stuff), staples, pins, screws, tape...whatever. Get creative!

Step 4: Take a photo or two and let’s see what you made. Add the #MakerCamp   hashtag so we’ll see them.

Step 5: If you get attached to your new robot friend, keep him/her around, because tomorrow we’ll learn how to bring them to life.

If you need a burst of creativity, check out my video of robot creations as inspiration for your own project: Joe Szuecs - Robot Sculptures

I’ll be on a Hangout today at noon PST. Tune in and I’ll share some of my creations and answer your questions.  
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