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Okay, +Google+, let's do a better job here...

As a moderator of two communities, I'm sick and tired of deleting and banning the same "dirty dozen" spam/porn profiles every day. You know the ones... the name is, or begins with, "!".

Every. Single. Day.

Merely deleting or banning them does no good, since the spammer just creates a dozen new fake profiles... we see the same pics, etc. They must be banned at the IP address level (I'm looking at YOU +Google+!)

It's better for us to "report" the profiles than to simply ban them, but YOU MAKE THIS INSANELY HARD. How many clicks do you have to force us to do for each of these profiles? Could you make it so we can check ALL the applicable boxes: "does not represent an individual" and "spam" and "porn"  and then submit it all at once?

Or how about this: in our communities' member lists, could you give us a "check all the boxes and ban AND REPORT" as a batch operation function?

Better yet, filter this scum out so we don't have to deal with it.

Thanks, +Google+.

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They found BB-8's mom!

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Make make time to make a difference...
This Google Employee Has A Brilliant Time Management Strategy

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Over 2,000 members! Will we reach 2,016 by 2016?!
Whooo hoooo! We made it... 2,000 members!

Last New Years Eve we reached 1,000. I'm happy to see this community grow. Some exciting things are in the works... in the meantime, ask your questions and let's share and learn how to reach our goal of: Becoming Fluent.

Oh, Steve Harvey. You. Had. One. Job.

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RELEVANCE. Ever hear of it, Google?

Searching for a burger place near a friend. Found one (~2 miles from his house). Put his address in (street number only, no zip) to get directions, and...

I get "1,897 miles - about 1 day 3 hours" (a route starting in MISSISSIPPI)!

Might it not have crossed Google's mind that I meant the same-named street a mere few block away?

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A fantastic all-in-one-place resource about English grammar.
Any questions about English grammar? Need some examples?

Check out our newly extended grammar section:

It annoys me that the news calls the sad wave of REFUGEES "migrants." They are not mere migrants. Calling them migrants is like calling your neighbor a "visitor" when they pound on your door at midnight because an axe murderer in in their house.

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Good tips on getting engagement on Twitter and Google+
Social Media Head-to-Head: How Do Twitter and Google+ Differ?

+Eric Enge summarizes the findings from two of our large social media studies of Twitter and Google+, and compares the two in terms of the factors that drive more engagement on each.

Find out what the stand out engagement factors are for each platform, and how to optimize your content on each to take advantage.

Read and share at
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