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Facebook making changes again? My profile image icon has been removed and replaced with just my full name. When you click that it takes me to my homepage and populates the search box up top with my name.
Haven't noticed any other changes yet though.

Good morning everyone. Hope you had a nice relaxing and fun Memorial Day Weekend. Now lets hope this short week goes by smoothly for all of us.

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Great news for Honda and Formula 1 race fans! Can't wait for 2015 race season!!

Just got the new Google+ layout and have to say, so far I'm really liking what I see. The full size cover photo is very nice on profiles too.

Hey SEO and Internet Marketing friends, anyone else noticing some weird changes or glitches in Google SERPs?
I just did a search and on page 4 received 49 organic results and 7 local listings. 
Tried to recreate it and same thing but this time on page 5. All previous results were traditional 10.
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