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It's the Distance
Let my thoughts of you Wander around as how it used to. Let the greetings of us Fly across the distance, within the hopes and dreams. Let our voices be heard. Let our desires soar. Let me know, That you will be with me, forever.

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Tell Her
no one to blame When
she asks For
a finite answer That
you, yourself, Can
never tell. And
now, she walked away Leaving
behind A
lonely soul, Wandering,
with no place to hold.   It’s
not just the journey she’s looking for. It’s
the destination, that ...

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Thank You, Stranger
I was mesmerised;Through exchanging thoughts, I see you Through my own mind and soul I understand you, through how you waive your words I wanna know you. Thank you, Stranger.

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Within the heat of the day And reality I walk onto Often, sometimes, I am hallucinating you. Seeing you, looking at me; Smiling, As nothing seen in sight I am hallucinating you.

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Eat and leave
Possession Will bring out The sense of – Responsibility Through human. We live With those Who deny Responsibility Saying out “It can wait”. Yeah. It can wait. 

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Centennial celebration
I am writing this piece As the way Of celebrating the centennial Of giving out thoughts and feelings Through letters and rhymes. Centennial celebration Representing hope And desire Of thriving towards the sun. This thought may not stop.  These words may not...

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This one is for you
I love the sound of your voice Calling my name when you’re in distress. I love the smile on your face That radiates the sun of my hope. I love the way you listen, To my heartbeat after a long hard day. I love the way you talk Enveloped with insecurities of ...
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