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This is our current general animation showreel, showcasing a mix of all types of work from 2D motion graphic design, 3D animation, Animated explainer videos, Corporate films, to 3D character animation and TV work.

Having worked for a wide range of clients all over the UK and abroad, feel free to view our full portfolio at

View showreel here:

#3Danimation #showreel

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3D engine animation. Fuel injection animated for a documentary film

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This is a 15 sec animated commercial for Freemarket FX we created. They wanted to carry the theme of a flock of birds from their site, so we animated them forming the key figures and stats from their marketing.

The bird was animated in maya, the simulation animation in Cinema 4D and all composited in After Effects

See at:

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We were asked to create this corporate film by our client for large corporation Bizagi. Under a tight deadline we tracked video footage to match the camera to our clean motion design and animation.
All completed in After Effects

See project at:

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Whilst studying creature animation I worked on this 3D horse animation for vfx shot. I studied all the gaits of a horse from video reference. I started by animating walk, trot, canter and gallop cycles.

I used the techniques I learnt at and
Free horse rig from

All 3d animation was hand keyed in Maya
see at:

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3D animated corporate explainer film for Jamaica’s largest telecoms and broadband company to promote their new fibre optic service.

See this project at:

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Do you need to explain your product, service or message to your customers in an easy to understand and fun way? Have a look at this overview of Animated Explainer Videos and what they can do for you.

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This is a 3D animated explainer video for Countwise. It aims to give basic knowledge and information of their pedestrian traffic counting technology within shopping malls and centers.

Character work completed in Maya, other 3D animation work in Cinema 4D and all motion graphics and compositing in Adobe After Effects

Full project here:

Music just for this showcase:
Nothing else matters by Mystery Mammal

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3D character animation shot based on studying extreme body mechanics, using free running / parkour reference

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Facial 3D character animation whilst studying at ianimate. Hand key animated in Maya
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