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Pretty much everything Richard LeBlanc does is great, check this out.

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Rest In Peace Richard Hatch
So I’ve had a day
to think about the passing of Richard Hatch. Like most men my age, when I was a kid I
watched Battlestar Galactica and I loved it. My dad loved it too, so
it was one of those few things we did together that we both enjoyed.
Apollo and Star...

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AD&D back in print
Old TSR stuff has been coming back to life as print on demand products for a few weeks now, but I feel I’d be remiss in my duty as an OSR blogger if I didn’t mention that the core AD&D books are back as POD products now. 1st edition AD&D was where I cut my ...

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Thieves in D&D
****Note this is a slightly edited version of a rant I went on about Thieves back in 2012, at the end of a longer post about other things. I figured it never got as much of an audience because it wasn't it's own post, kind of lost in the noise, and I've bee...

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Not Gaming Today
It always seems like
I think and write more about gaming when I am actually gaming less. I
guess that makes sense, if I were actually gaming I’d have less
time to think about gaming in general. Today I was supposed to GM the
new Mophidius Star Trek RPG , bu...

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William Dowie commented on a post on Blogger.
In retrospect, I probably should have named this class "Steppe Barbarian".

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What's on my mind lately...
So, I’ve been
thinking about games a lot lately, probably because I haven’t been
playing a lot lately. My wife Mona’s cancer has recurred, in her
lungs this time, and she’s started chemo and not been up to doing
much gaming. We may be looking at one game pe...

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This is a phenomenal deal.
Hey. HEY.
I don't think I can adequately explain what a phenomenal deal this is.
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