has anybody experience with this network?


The NeuroNetwork is a multidimensional professional networking site dedicated to those working, studying, or simply interested in the science of the brain. We welcome those with personal and professional interests in neuroscience, neurology, psychology, and all related areas -- those studying neural activities in invertebrates up to the human brain, including brain-like systems and networks.The NeuroNetwork was built to allow students and researchers to find and interact with each other in a professional environment. You may create searchable profiles with your research interests; start a blog; upload poster presentations and videos; post and search job listings; form a virtual "group" based on your interests, geographical location, etc.; and view, post, and RSVP to upcoming meetings. And don't just create a profile for yourself -- create one for your organization, institute, society, or even your lab as well.Members will also receive free access to selected journal articles and other goodies, and we'll be highlighting the latest and most exciting developments in the field.

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