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Open Source FTW!

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I've got an old telephone system I need to connect a SIP phone to. Right now it's connected like this (pbx) <-> (ata) <-> (VoIP system) <-> (SIP Phone). I'd like to remove the (VoIP system) by registering the SIP phone directly to the (ata) since it simply needs to be a pass-through with no logic. I don't know if there's a simpler way, but I was thinking I could embed Asterisk on an ATA to achieve this. Can anyone provide any pointers on how to do this, or suggest other solutions?

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Thanks for the invite. I railfan CSX mostly and NS occasionally in Eastern NC and the eastern panhandle of WV

I'm trying to configure an Asterisk server so I can connect to it from a Switchvox server with the default Switchvox provider config. I've asked the Google, but my Google fu has not been strong enough to find the answer. Can anyone point me to an example config?

Any idea how long fiber termination should take? I mean the time to physically put an end on fiber. I'm thinking it shouldn't take too long, but I've never done it/had it done before so I didn't know.

Can anyone recommend sip WiFi phones? I haven't been able to find much recent info from Google and what I have found is very mixed

Can anyone recommend the best SIP Trunking providers for asterisk? I'm currently talking to Broadvox and they want to put CPE on site. I really want a provider that will support connecting directly to Asterisk and not adding additional equipment.

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Remote control trash train at Atlantic Waste Disposal Inc
RailFanning - Waverly, VA
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FRA has come to play
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