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Post has attachment 15 - The Evolution and Function of Mind-wandering and Metacognition, with Micah Allen, postdoctoral fellow at University College Lodon.

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Hank Greely discusses the impact of future reproductive technologies on human sexual reproduction - and we talk about the End of Sex.

Post has attachment 13 - Neuroscience in the courtroom and invasion of privacy, with Nita Farahany.

This month we had an awesome discussion on how neuroscience is being used in criminal cases and how future technologies might impact privacy law, with Nita Farahany, Professor of Law and Philosophy at Duke.

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This month we spoke with Kay Tye, Assistant Professor of Neuroscience at MIT. Kay Tye uses advanced optogenetic techniques to understand how specific circuits in the brain contribute to behavior. Episode 12 - Optogenetics and anxiety-related behaviors, with Kay Tye.

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What experiments do psychologists use to identify the brain areas involved in moral decision-making? Do moral truths exist? We discuss with Joshua D. Greene, Professor of Psychology at Harvard University and author of Moral Tribes.

Post has attachment Episode 9: Neuroscience, morality and the law. Is our current understanding of decision-making threatening morality? What can science contribute to moral decisions? We discuss with Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, from Duke University. Episode 9 - Morality, neuroscience and the law.

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Dale Purves, neuroscientist and professor at Duke University, talks to us about the function and the evolution of vision. Episode 8 - The Function and Evolution of the Visual System

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On Episode 6, Katherine L. Bryant, neuroscientist at Emory University, talks with us about the differences in the anatomy of the brain between humans and other primates.

Post has attachment needs your help to produce 14 episodes in Season 1. Be part of by donating to - and spread the word on social networks!

And here is a new episode - Episode 5 - How does the brain compute our location in space? In this episode we discuss with Edvard Moser and May-Britt Moser, who have been studying fascinating neurons in the brain referred to as grid cells.

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