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Fr. Ryan Humphries
A priest with an altar and souls to save... Deo Gratias.
A priest with an altar and souls to save... Deo Gratias.

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This article is a well put-together, non-pejorative analysis of the two distinct religious trends in the world. #GoodRead   #Religion  

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Nice cover of a really fun song.

A special announcement for my parishioners: 

As today is Pentecost, I can't help but be aware of the work of the Holy Spirit in the Church and in the world - despite the evils which are present... (They've always been present - now they are in the open. Now we can see them for what they are.) The Holy Spirit is the One who truly leads the Church. In spite of sinful and broken priests and bishops and cardinals and popes through the last 20 centuries - the Church has been a constant source of holiness and strength even as the world endured the collapse of whole civilizations.

Today, I'm aware of all of that very personally. Our shepherd, Bishop Ronald Herzog, spoke with me a little more than a week ago and asked me to leave behind my service here in Campti and move across the river to the Minor Basilica. It was a tough thing to hear and a tough question to answer. I've known for more than a year that it was possible and even likely that I would be called away from our little Churches. The Diocese of Alexandria is a very small diocese and no priest here has any sense of what could be called "Job Security." It's always been that way in the smaller dioceses. Priests have to be willing to move if the good of the Church is at stake. If I believe, and I do, that the Lord Jesus is the Head of His Church, then obedience is the highest form of love that I, as a priest, can offer. And so, I will tender my resignation as Pastor of Nativity and it's missions to the Bishop on Tue, June 25.

I'm also very aware that, like Fr. Dan before me, I'm leaving y'all in the lurch after only three years. I arrived here in April 2010 a brand new pastor ready to change the world and I said that I would be here for years and years! And I believed those words through and through. As I've learned sitting in meetings with other priests - my life is not my own and I shouldn't ever make promises that the Holy Spirit may very well not be interested in! I will write again in next week's bulletin. Until then, I ask for your prayers (Our Fathers, Hail Marys and Glory Bes - if you would).

Change is hard for all of us. It's painful and when it comes, it's tempting to overlook the grace of obedience and gentleness in favor of easier emotions and insights. Please know that I'm praying for all of you and that I love you very much.

Fr. Ryan

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I can dig it.

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The Hookup Culture arises from sadness, not joy. From nihilism, not passion. Interesting short article.

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Aerial view of Horseshoe Falls [Niagara Falls]

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I combine the gabc app in chrome with files found at ChantCafe and around the web and it magically makes chant notation I can reformat  and edit. Astounding. This project has the potential to be a #GameChanger. Very, very cool.
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