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Can't. Stop. From. Sharing....too cute...
This is the sweetest GIF you'll ever see
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The post is not half as interesting as the comments. There's maybe 1:10 comments supportive of the speaker. The rest are pretty harsh. 
“This morning, Senate Democrats rejected common-sense efforts to re-open the government, and rejected fairness for all Americans under the president’s health care law. We hope that Senate Democrats – and President Obama – change course and start working with us on behalf of the American people.” - Speaker Boehner

+Tim Tipton I could use a little advice on what the best camera app is for the Nexus 10. I am having trouble with picture quality. Its like I see the autofocus cycle right through sharp focus only to stop on blur, which happens to be where it snaps the pic. 

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Excellent analysis and good advice as well. For the record, I was born in '63, which makes me either leading edge of gen x or tail tip of boomer, depending on who is counting. I don't identify with either of them, so go figure.

Good news, bad news. Bad news first. Encrypting your Nexus 10 slows it down noticeably. Unfortunately, the only way to remove the setting is a factory reset. Good news is that reset is relatively painless. Relative to other device resets I have been through. It did a good job of remembering the apps I had and it is going ahead and reinstalling them. Should be back to speedy awesomeness by the morning and I am hoping to not have to do much other than leave it alone to finish restoring.

Android 4.3 restricted profiles. Be envious users of a certain market-leading tablet. I can hand my Nexus 10 to my 4 year old and merely worry about drops. Not random installed white or in-app purchases or anything else.

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Shudder. Read and shudder.

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+Kevin Gunn , what do you think? And how much recycling and salvaging goes on in maker projects, in your experience? Note, I am definitely not blaming makers for filling the landfill, let no one misinterpret things that way.

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Way beyond first world problems.
Someone found this list in an airplane seat-back pocket. 

My life all of a sudden seems so boring.

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Hurt myself laughing. 
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