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I've all but forsaken social media, due to the mindless, noisy time-suck it can be. But I do post work from time to time on my Tumblr blogs, to wit:
Check it out.
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Not normally a Terms-Of-Service worry wart am I. But, as highlighted by Rob Haggart in today’s A Photo Editor post, the latest iteration of Instagram’s TOS should give you pause.

I don’t have much invested in Instagram; they were late to release an Android app, and I’ve regarded it as just another social-media outlet in an ocean of them to navigate. So it was painless for me to download my 30 images and cancel my account.

Voting with one’s feet seems to be the only way to get the attention of these would-be content thieves.
Instagram issued a new Terms of Service yesterday (here) that will allow the company to use your photos commercially without any compensation to you: Some or all of the Service may be supported by adv...
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Some are writing that the change is minimal; (not that I post images to anything facebook, that I know of)
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This is pretty cool.
Cool self-portraits by Stephen Sheffield (via PDN)
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Posting a few new images at my Splendid Suburb tumblr, working forward in time from this one.
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Thank you David!
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From earlier this week.
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Yours truly is there, too; scroll down to find my name alphabetically listed.
The @FractionMag HPS page has had over 4100 visitors today! Check it out #buyart
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anesthesiologist, photographer, writer
I'm a physician (anesthesiologist), photographer, and sometime writer. I was born in New Orleans and lived all over the south and mid-Atlantic during my medical training years. Married a Kentuckian, and here we are in the Louisville area.
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