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We did shows around West. Please consider donating #BostonStrong   #TexasTough  
As someone who grew up in Massachusetts (and still has family there) and who has lived in Texas almost a quarter century, I want to take a moment to offer my heartfelt condolences to those in Boston that suffered the vicious, heinous and cowardly terrorist attack at the marathon and the unbelievable tragedy still ongoing in West. I would like to encourage anyone in the Denton area to donate blood at the Carter Blood Center on Loop 288 (or visit to find a center near you outside of Denton) to meet the needs of the West victims.
If you are in the Massachusetts area, you can use this link to find a center close to you

Thank you.
#BostonStrong #TexasTough
The +Texas Independent Wrestling League is saddened by the loss of "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers. Our condolences to his friends and family.
1980s Territory Star Bobby Jaggers Passes Away Posted by Jeremy Thomas on 10.03.2012. He was sixty-four... - 1970s and 1980s territorial star "Hangman" Bobby Jaggers passed away on Tuesday after a len...
It's really cool how many people are circling us now. We'll be driving some content to G+ in the next few days. We are working on increasing our presence over a host of platforms. Our lack of posts is becasue we've been focusing on our clients needs. But we are staffing up, so look for more fun. In the mean time, we've been somewhat active on Twitter, so look for us there @4thcircleent#welovesocialmedia!
Facebook is developing technology that would allow children younger than 13 years old to use the social-networking site under parental supervision.
My friend has a great site about Soda. Check it out and share it if you like it!
Great Interview with Bruiser Brody...the closest thing to a shoot interview he ever did. Part 3 Bruiser Brody Interview Part 3 of 3
Every Texas wrestler needs Chicken Fried Bacon!
This guy would have a great gimmick for pro wrestling, Opera Man (not the Adam Sandler version). What do you think?
Walter Koenig (Star Trek's Original Chekov)  is sending out the following request. Please share. Thank you

"Attention all friends on Facebook: I need help. There has to be 700 pre-sales of my graphic novel 'Things to Come' on in order to meet the publishing deadline of October 20th. I don't want to twist anyone's arm but if you think that you might buy it after publication I'd request that you put in your order now. Otherwise, it might not be published at all. (I guess that does sound like I'm twisting your arm. Sorry about that). Don't know any other way to make the point accept to say I think you'd enjoy the story. Thanks for checking this message." -- Walter Koenig
Recently, I saw a few articles discussing whether individual financial skills, what's called “financial literacy” should be taught in the public classrooms. While I thought these programs were bec...
Richard Dawson on his final Family Feud (first run). This is a great speech. Feel free to share

RIP Richard Dawson November 20, 1932 – June 2, 2012

We are Wrestling in Texas!
Welcome to the home of the Texas Independent Wrestling League (TIWL)! We remember what wrestling in Texas used to be. We know that wrestling around the world is influenced by stars that started out or made huge impacts in Texas at some time, as we aim to bring that tradition back to the fans of Texas.
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