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DP Denman
Activist, author, coffee addict.
Activist, author, coffee addict.

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Remember When... #LGBTQ #IDAHOT2017
So far, I can sum up 2017 with three little letters:  WTF It's been everything I feared would come of putting such a disturbed man in office. Still, as hard as it's been for me, it's taken a bigger toll on the Millennials and iGens. I'm in awe of the way th...

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It's a pre-release #giveaway! Check out Stealing Blue and enter to win! #gayrom
All is fair in love and war. Let the battle begin! From award-winning author, D.P. Denman comes the continuing story of Brady and Blue! A hot new rock star shows up in Vancouver, and Blue Atkins’ career turns out to be more explosive than anyone imagined. H...

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Stealing Blue has a cover! Enter to #WIN! #giveaway #gayrom #coverreveal
Introducing Book Four of the Blue Series Stealing Blue Cover art by AJ Corza All is fair in love and war. Let the battle begin! When a hot new rock star shows up in Vancouver, Blue Atkins’ career turns out to be more explosive than anyone imagined. His firs...

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Care and Feeding of an Activist Soul #bethechange #LGBTQ
In this final installment of the activism series, we'll talk about keeping your head in a world that's gone crazy. It's no secret that fighting for change is a tough job. Real activism goes beyond signing online petitions and sharing stories on Facebook. It...

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Activism v. Bullying: Where's the line? #bethechange #LGBTQ
Have you noticed it's increasingly difficult to tell the online activists from the bullies? People on both sides of every issue are screaming and hurling threats, driven by anger and a sense of injustice. The result is a massive stinging swarm. The reason i...

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Want to Be an Activist? #LGBTQ #bethechange
Last week I promised you a blog post about plugging into the activist network, and here it is! What Is Activism? Let's talk about what activism is and what it isn't. In the case of the LGBTQ+ community, the ultimate goal is to educate the public and create ...

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Baby Steps Reboot - Fixing A Messy World #bethechange #LGBT
As most of you know, I'm a vocal, bossy, and sometimes obstinate LGBT rights activist.  A couple of years ago I did a series on how to change the world in five easy steps. In light of the new era, I think it's time for a reboot! 20+ years as a grassroots ac...

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The Morning-After #Giveaway!
Friday was a grand, depressing display in the US. What we need right now is a a bit of eager anticipation to smother the foreboding. Welcome to the Morning-After Giveaway! In celebration of the ginormous catalog of fiction we can use to escape reality for a...

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There's Still Room for Hope #LGBTQ #election
Friday morning I read a statement by the Trans Lifeline, a suicide hotline tailored to the unique needs of transgender people. The day after the election, 8 transgender people killed themselves and several others were hospitalized for unsuccessful attempts....

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America's Brexit - Now What? #election #LGBTQ
If you're feeling a bit panicky today, you're not alone. So many Americans freaked out last night over the election results, the US crashed Canada's immigration website. No, I'm not kidding. (Sorry, Canada. We're having a moment.) We're about to put two men...
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